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Danni Henleya year ago
Finding the Perfect Stationery for Your Wedding
Wedding stationery is a hard thing to tackle when it comes to this section of your wedding planning. Turns out you’re arguing with your partner because they forgot about this part of the plan and then...
Jennifer Violeta year ago
Easy DIY Valentine's Day Mason Jar Gift Ideas
Valentine's Day is getting really close this year and it's certainly time for you to think of what stunning gift you'll give to your lover! No, it's never too early! Even though the two of you are con...
Hannah Lorrellea year ago
Under Ten Project Series
As with my cheap meal series, I also like to make crafts, but I am sometimes short on cash. So this series includes some projects that are lots of fun and are cheap to make. Again I found all of these...
Hannah Lorrellea year ago
Under Ten Project Series: DIY Marbled Mugs
This is the second in my series of cheap DIY projects that are easy and so much fun for under $10. These marbled mugs are beautiful and remind me of the glazes that I used in my college ceramics class...
Karina Thyraa year ago
12 Despicable Me DIY Ideas for a Minion Lover
The first Despicable Me movie stole my heart from the first moment I saw its trailer. The trailer was funny, cute, sweet and adorable!
Jessica Jonesa year ago
5 Ideas for an Empty Notebook
Do you have any empty notebooks lying around? Here are five fun ideas.
DIY Backyard Projects That Are Easy to Do
How many of us have that one potted plant, two filthy lawn chairs, and a busted up firepit? I did, until I completely transformed my backyard into a cool place to have friends and family over. Backyar...
Jennifer Violeta year ago
Christmas Tree Crafts for Kids That Are Super Easy to Do
Christmas time is literally for the kids, and getting them in the spirit is the best. They look forward to whipping up gingerbread cookies, wrapping gifts, watching Christmas movies, decorating the Ch...
Chelsie Bracea year ago
5 DIY Gifts for Christmas...
If, like me, you’re strapt for cash and don’t have a clue what to get your family and friends then you might find something in this suggestion list to satisfy your gifting needs. I've even used a few ...
Skye Bothmaa year ago
Easy Christmas Jar
One of my favourite things about Christmas is doing crafts. I love making my own decorations and gifts, and have been doing so ever since I was a child. Unfortunately, the older I get the less time I ...
Hayley Brown a year ago
Penny Saver Gifts!
Money money money! That’s all that’s on our minds when Christmas and birthdays come around and it can be all hit at once, so here are ten amazing gift ideas for you to make on the cheap for your loved...
Yvonne Glasgowa year ago
Finding Focus as a Creative
I love arts and crafts. I love writing. I love to do many things, often at once. I am the queen of multitasking. However, even I know that you need to focus if you want to succeed. I get sidetracked, ...
Kelly Wilson2 years ago
Have a Happy Crafty Christmas
It’s that time of year again. The pre-Christmas calm before the storm, the supermarkets have just started putting out a few festive items on the shelves, the odd bag of chocolate coins here, a giant t...
EL 2 years ago
Five Super Cute DIY Christmas Gift Ideas They Will Actually Like
Christmas is a wonderful, yet expensive time of year. Especially if you have a big family! Although it's nice to spend a lot of money on gifts for our family and friends, sometimes this can leave us i...
Not Important2 years ago
From Tacky to Crafty
In all the years I have been renting, this would be my first time moving into a trailer park. Originally, I thought living in one would be rather tacky. However, after settling in, I found it can be s...
Alix McCormick2 years ago
5 Homemade Christmas Decorations!
Alright, you guys! So there are those who absolutely LOVE Christmas and just want to put up Christmas everything as soon as Thanksgiving hits. I am one of those people. I ABSOLUTELY love Christmas and...
Kelsey Lange2 years ago
Best Gift Ideas for Crafters
You are bound to have at least one person in your life who loves to do DIY projects and some extreme crafting on the weekends. Don't worry about surfing Pinterest for hours; we've made the perfect lis...
Reese O'Toole2 years ago
7 Homemade Gifts They Will Actually Like
Impress your loved ones with these seven gifts.