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Kevin an hour ago
7 Helpful DIY Tips for Selling Your Home During the Winter
There are things you can do to help your home sell.
Kevin 3 hours ago
Family Friendly Travel Prep Tips
Things You Don't Want to Forget Before Leaving on Your Family Vacation
Kevin a day ago
Making Sure Your Home Stays Safe
There are a lot of things to think about to protect your home. However, not protecting your home can lead to disasters, wasted money, and fatalities. It's worth it to do your homework. Here are some o...
Eada Hudesa day ago
How to Save on Your Air-Conditioning Bills
Summers are incomplete without air conditioners, right? Air conditioners happen to be the biggest saving grace during a scorching summer afternoon, aren’t they? All hell breaks loose whenever the air ...
Eada Hudes3 days ago
Planning to Decorate Your Room? Don't Forget About the Curtains
Summers are knocking at the door, would you not want to spend some relaxing time in the coziness of your rooms? The first thing that you must consider changing in your room is the curtains. Remove tho...
Kevin 4 days ago
How to Create Your Own Power
If the thought of living off the grid is one that you truly desire, you're going to need to understand how to produce your own power. If you're not overly into going off the grid, but want to reduce y...
Angel Velasquez5 days ago
5 Ways to Make Money with the Extra Space in Your Home
For most people, our homes are our biggest tangible assets. So it seems like a no-brainer to put them to work and make a little money if we can. Airbnb is a big success story, but not everyone wants t...
Mike Parsons5 days ago
Renovation Loan Tips to Help You with Your Home Remodel
Sometimes, moving to a different place is not the best course of action. Relocating is not as easy or as ideal as you may think it to be. First of all, it usually requires you to leave your old life b...
Emily Wilson7 days ago
Dream Home Purchase Do's and Don'ts
So you have made the firm decision of putting all matters aside, and investing in your dream house. However, buying a home is not an easy task, and it is quite a serious step in becoming a truly respo...
Eada Hudes7 days ago
Bathroom Trends that Will Be Huge in 2019! Take Notes!
The bathroom is such a place where you could let go, escape, relax, and feel utmost comfort. It’s basically your sanctuary. You should definitely consider making your bathroom a getaway from the stres...
George Nekilan8 days ago
9 Ways You Can Open Your Locked Door Without a Locksmith
For some of us, no matter how many times we lock ourselves out of our home or car, we never learn. My sister is one of those people. There was a time, in the middle of brick-cold December, where she l...
Six and Sapphire10 days ago
Rakuten Is Funny to Pronounce, But Easy to Use
"Optimism is a mental attitude reflecting a belief or hope that the outcome of some specific endeavor, or outcomes in general, will be positive, favorable, and desirable." –Wikipedia Rakuten in Japane...
Kevin 13 days ago
Keeping Your Home at Its Best
Property security is a critical aspect that demands immediate action because burglaries and break-ins often happen due to the negligence of renters and homeowners. Homeowners and renters have to famil...
Eada Hudes13 days ago
DIY House Clearance vs. Hiring a Professional House Clearance Service: A Short Guide
Home is a place of comfort and warmth, but once in a while you will come across the task of house clearing. This is when we get caught in confusion whether to clear it up yourself or with a profession...
Kevin 15 days ago
5 Ways to Find More Room in Your Rooms
Making Space in Your Home
Flora Mayer15 days ago
Renting vs Building a Home: Which One Is Better
When it comes to the debate of buying versus building a home, there are many factors to consider before settling on any of the two options. The real-estate market is constantly evolving, and is one th...