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Tricia Moore2 days ago
Baby Steps
Before I met my husband, I had an apartment that I was busy filling with things. I had unique furniture that came from random places, and a closet full of clothes. I still thought of myself as a minim...
Easy Ways to Detect Water Leak Without Destroying Your Home!
Water leakages can be highly damaging to your homes. If left undetected for a long time, they become all the more hazardous. And too often, trying to find where the leak is, is an even more damaging p...
Wendy Dessler4 days ago
Living in the City vs the Suburbs
Choosing an area to live for yourself, or even your family is a task that is easier said than done. After all, the decision is not as simple as choosing any area, moving in, and making a life in it. W...
Eada Hudes4 days ago
4 Popular Uses of Storage Containers
Have you ever wished for extra space to store your belongings? There comes a time in many of our lives, when we wish we hadn’t bought the things we now own. Some things are essential, but where is the...
Flora Mayer6 days ago
How to Design the Perfect Bedroom
The bedroom is probably the room where we spend the most time in a day—sleeping for eight hours a day, hanging with our lovers, and sometimes chilling during a rainy day. But how well have you designe...
Gracie Evans6 days ago
Find the Most Trending Color Combination for Your Kitchen
Color is the quickest way to transform a room, and people have tended to go for bright, sunshiny shades like yellow, or stark white shades to decorate the most used room in their house. It seems that ...
Eada Hudes6 days ago
Three Fabulous Ideas to Renovate Your Bathroom This Summer!
Planning a bathroom remodeling this summer? Well, if you are starting to do your homework for your bathroom renovation project, you have come to the right place. We believe that every homeowner needs ...
Eada Hudes7 days ago
Love Gold? Try Classy DIY Projects You Can Do With Gold Leaf
You can make a simple vase look magical and interesting by decorating it with gold leaf. Let’s check out how
Kevin 7 days ago
Eight Ideas for Maximizing a Small Space
Today, having a messy home isn’t fashionable, and there are great ways to maximize a small home or apartment. Use these ideas to maximize the space in closets, and other areas of an apartment or a hom...
WatchMojo 9 days ago
10 Amazing Tips from Tidying Up with Marie Kondo
If you want to get your life in order, you definitely have to start watching this show. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Organization Tips We Learned on Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. For this list, we’re looking at the most useful tips from this Netflix show.
Britney Clayton11 days ago
Horoscope Happiness in the Home
If you’re anything like me, you live your life based on your weekly horoscope reading, and make no major life decisions without first consulting the stars. Whether they’re legit or not, astrology can ...
Yearly Cleaning Made Easy with These Time-Saving Tips
There is a reason being in a flawlessly tidy home is so rejuvenating. Clusters and piles of dust can create hassles, which can keep your living space from feeling like the calm letup from the world th...
Kevin 11 days ago
5 Hacks for Making an Old Home Look Brand New
Year after year, there seems to be an addition to the style of homes. While a more modern look has recently been the most popular style, it can get quite frustrating having to keep up with the most po...
Kevin 12 days ago
Newest Trends for Home Renovation and New Home Construction Projects
When you decide to build a custom home or renovating your current home, the entire point is to create an environment with spaces you enjoy spending time in and love coming home to. While creating a sp...
Eada Hudes13 days ago
10 Scientific Reasons Why Owning a House Is Better Than Renting
Do you wish to have a house of your own, but are skeptical? Are you scared of how painful it could be to build a house of your own? If you are trying to make a decision between owning a house, and ren...
Mia Morales16 days ago
Spring Cleaning: Tips to Save Your Sanity
Spring cleaning is something that can make even the sanest person feel a little crazy. There is so much that you have to do in order to get your home back to a clean state. However, there are some tip...
Kevin 18 days ago
DIY Hacks to Make Your Basement Less Boring
Basements are not just for storage, water heaters, and heating systems. You can make it an exciting addition to your home, and a great space where your family can have fun. Perhaps you will make it a ...
Jade Pulman18 days ago
4 Ways to Make Your House Feel Like a Home
Whenever I move to a new place, it’s hard to settle in. I spend the first few days or weeks adjusting to the space, and in that time it’s hard not to feel like a stranger in my own home. It’s especial...