Home hacks including DIY organization, storage solutions, cleaning tips and beyond.

Brynne Nelson2 months ago
15 Surprising Things You Can Do While Still Being a Clean Person
Someone once told me that I would be perfect if I could keep things clean. And while that's definitely not true, it is a testament to just how sloppy and messy I have been at many times in my life. To...
Mark Darnell2 months ago
How to Cut Your Utility Costs
I have noticed the cost of our utilities at our home is a lot higher than I think it should be. Especially since now that my wife's youngest is off the college, there are just two of us in the house t...
Eada Hudes2 months ago
7 Things to Keep in Mind During a House Renovation Project
Are you bored of the old look of your house? Planning to give it a new and refreshing look? House renovation is both exciting yet stressful. Whether you have moved into a new house on rent and plan to...
Alana Redmond2 months ago
How to Live a More Minimalist Lifestyle
Minimalism might not be for everyone. But in such a hectic world, sometimes it’s comforting to just take a break and reduce clutter to clear your mind. One mistake people when transitioning to a more ...
Louella W2 months ago
Give an Alluring Look to Your Bedroom with Contemporary Wardrobes
With so many home renovation shows sweeping across the nation, it’s no surprise that we’re all eager to add a little bit of sparkle to our own spaces. This usually amounts to a new couch or a coat of ...
Emily Andrews2 months ago
A Guide for Household Safety: Tips You May Have Overlooked
Your home is your haven and should be the safest place for your family. This is usually true, but there are some things that are overlooked by homeowners that can easily become a hazard in the future....
Heather Wilkins2 months ago
Tiny Homes for Extra Space
I live in Saint Augustine where not many people want to live in a giant touristy town. While everyone has the highest rates of education here inside the city and within Saint John's County, there are ...
Shed Services3 months ago
15 Reasons Why You Should Be Storing Stuff You’re Not Using
Ladies and gents, our society has a “stuff” addiction. Our society glamorizes shopping, encourages us to buy stuff we don’t need, and also tends to suggest we constantly upgrade. Stuff can be good, bu...
Nicola P. Young3 months ago
10 Must Read Books That Give Housekeeping Lifehacks
Do you need a new year overhaul? Not quite? Maybe some simple cleaning and housekeeping is in order. Psychological research, as well as anecdotal evidence, have demonstrated that having a clean living...
Eada Hudes3 months ago
The Top 5 Key Tips for Choosing Interior Paint Colours
Contrary to popular belief, choosing the best interior paint colours is not as tough as you may think. There is no need for you to brainstorm for hours on end and get endless advice on which colours w...
Joanne Miller3 months ago
New Year Overhaul
In the digital era that we live in, time passes by faster than ever. Without even realizing it, you find yourself in a new year, which means that it’s probably time to set some new goals for yourself....
Paisley Hansen3 months ago
These Home Upgrades Will Save You Money
With the constant evolution of modern technology, looking for new ways to upgrade your home can be daunting. From “how long do solar panels last?” to “how far can an electric car drive?” There are a l...
Nathalie Martin4 months ago
New Year, New Home—Nearly
As we get closer and closer to Christmas, our thoughts usually turn to getting everything in order ahead of the festivities. However, if you are anything like me and simply love this time of year, you...
Parth Parekh4 months ago
Make Way for the NestApple
A Disruptive Startup in Making
Jennica Janae4 months ago
5 Dollar Tree Cleaning Hacks
Looking for cheap and easy ways to clean the house? Cleaning doesn’t have to be hard. And it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, these incredibly clever Dollar Tree cleaning hacks will...
Courtney Frazer4 months ago
How to Quickly Clean for the Holidays
As the holidays are creeping upon us again, everyone is rushing to clean the house. The kids are going through that stack of papers you have been meaning to shred and you have your husband helping you...
Stephi Durand4 months ago
How I Plan to Buy a House
Owning a house is something my partner and I are highly interested in doing. We've been together since the age of 16 and know we want to live together. I was the one in the relationship who wasn't bot...
April Demarco4 months ago
Kitchen Cleaning Lifehacks Everyone Should Know
Among household tasks, kitchen cleaning ranks as the least frequent activity men engage in and the third least frequent activity women partake in. What is more, men and women only spend an average of ...