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How to do just about anything; life hacks to navigate obstacles of all types, from the trivial to the severe.

Mars A.M.a year ago
How to Use a Planner Effectively, Obtain Results, and Not Get Worn Out
I just want to say and start out in this way: this is my way of doing things. Surely, all our brains work differently, and some ideas will work and some won't. That's just how learning about ourselves...
Vala Rogersa year ago
Baby Steps to Lower Your Carbon Footprint
So I'm sure by now you've heard of the "zero waste" or "low impact" movement. Many times the idea of zero waste sounds perfectionist and intimidating, but there are many simple ways you can reduce your carbon footprint without having to change your lifestyle.
New-Gen Moneya year ago
How You Can Start Saving
If you’re still living at home, and your parents are flipping the bill on your food, electricity, maybe even your phone and your car if you have one, take full advantage of it. Take that time to save ...
Will Mowatta year ago
Simple Beauty Hacks to Save Money
If you're something of a makeup junkie like me, you'll find yourself spending a small fortune every time you get paid because you absolutely have to try a new eyeshadow palette you just watched your f...
Ali Browna year ago
Art Journalling: A Visual Diary
When I was little, I used to keep a 'diary.' You know, one of those ones with the lock and key with Disney princesses on the front cover that you'd get at your local Dollar Store? When I got older, I ...
Jenny Ya year ago
How To Manage Your Money in College
By now, everyone's heard some version of the statement that college has gotten 200 percent more expensive in the last 20-30 years. No one knows how true this is better than college students today. It'...
Alex Boudreaua year ago
How to Drink for Tomorrow and Save Money Doing It
Lets face it, drinking is fun and beer is good. However, heading to work the next morning is far from it. Three years of 5 AM wake-ups for a summer job has taught me how to maximize my nightly beer bu...
Ann Mariea year ago
How I Made Being Frugal Fun
I’ll admit—budgeting, micro-investing, side hustling, spending trackers—none of it started as a game. It started because I needed to be able to pay my own rent, buy my own groceries, and pump my own g...
Best Side Hustles to Make Some Extra Money
When your full time job just isn’t cutting it, or you’re struggling to make enough money, opting for a side gig for some extra cash can be a great idea to gain experience, new hobbies, and of course, ...
Dana Ga year ago
20 Ways to Hamstoo (Part 1)
Wondering how to Hamstoo? Here are 10 ways we think you'll find useful. And stay tuned for 10 more in part 2.
How To Hang Anything Without a Stud Finder
Fairly recently, I had started to decorate my new apartment. Like most Millennials out there, I decided that the best way to jazz it up would be with a variety of posters and knickknacks that were des...
Dana Ga year ago
20 Ways to Hamstoo (Part 2)
In part one, we showed you ten ways to Hamstoo. As promised, here are ten, 12 more—sorry, we couldn't help ourselves.
Lifehacks for Removing Splinters
It sucks to get stuck with a splinter, but it happens to everybody. Most of the time, you can use tweezers to remove splinters with little difficulty. Particularly deep or large splinters, however, ma...
Living on a Budget
DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links. Ah, money. Money is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, money allows us to go out with friends, loved ones, and have a good time. Money is pow...
Jessica Jonesa year ago
Five DIYs You Have to Try This Summer!
Here are five creative DIYs for you to try this summer that I'm sure you'll love.
Vicky Bonda year ago
Safety Tips
You can never be too safe when it comes to working on a construction site. No matter how big or small the site is, you need to make sure that you keep to the health and safety regulations. First thing...
10 Must Know Pregnancy Lifehacks
So, you are having a baby! Congratulations! You are preparing to bring a new life into this world. But you are also slowly realizing that there are all these things about being pregnant that nobody ev...
Creative Weirdoa year ago
10 Summer Lifehacks
Here are a few lifehacks that can help you this summer!