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How to do just about anything; life hacks to navigate obstacles of all types, from the trivial to the severe.

Janelle Ouelleta year ago
Tips on How to Get a Good Night's Sleep
Here are some healthy and hopefully helpful alternatives to get a good night's sleep without the use of prescription drugs or over-the-counter sleep aids. A lot of prescription drugs and over-the-coun...
Ben Hamptona year ago
Get Rid of the Hiccups Instantly!
Everyone knows what it's like to have the hiccups. Annoying, aggravating, and you simply just can't sit still. I've been thinking that, well, I might as well share my positive experience with others! ...
Life Hacks You’ve Heard and Should Have Remembered
Everyone can use a good life hack. All those genius ideas that seem obvious once you hear about them but you never came up with yourself are really the most useful. Today, I’ve put together a few of t...
Kelsey Langea year ago
Awesome Lifehacks for Vaseline You Never Knew You Needed
From a beauty staple to a home renovator, Vaseline can be used in an alarming amount of ways. These are the top ten tricks that will make a difference in your life with just a single jar. You'll be su...
Georgina Leea year ago
The No Spend Challenge
In April 2017, my partner and I made a decision to give everything we've got to digging ourselves out of the hole we were in—not enough money coming in, borrowing from the rent and scraping it back du...
Kierra Douglasa year ago
Becoming an Adult
Congratulations, you’ve decided to get an apartment! You’ve waited for this day your whole life… and now you are about to show the world that you can make it on your own as an adult. You couldn’t wait...
Yvonne Glasgowa year ago
5 Tips for Saving Money on Groceries in College
College is a time for learning, creating new life experiences, and having fun. It's not a time to worry about how you're going to afford to eat, or how you're going to eat healthy while you're on the ...
Free and Discounted Items and Services for Seniors
Some seniors would be surprised to find out that there are many free and discounted items and services available to them. Many seniors have no idea they could be getting discounts at restaurants, depa...
Myriah Martina year ago
5 Apps to Make You Money Just From Your Groceries
If you’re anything like me, you have a wallet or purse full of receipts. Well, it’s time to finally do something with them! Here are five different apps that will earn you back money from your groceri...
Kelsey Langea year ago
Kitchen DIY Projects That Will Help You Get Organized
From spice racks to utensil organizers, there is a project for everything that can improve their organization. Kitchens can be some of the hardest places to organize in the house, but don't worry. The...
Heidi Elizabetha year ago
This Is Not Where I Saw Myself at the Age of 40
When I was in high school deciding on my future, I wish that they had somehow prepared me better for the realities of everyday life. I mean, let's be honest, when you are young, you aren't concerned w...
Marva Adamsa year ago
Public Speaking and Fear
Your day was perfect until this moment. You woke up on time and arrived to your destination with smooth traffic and a nice breeze. You were having a wonderful day until this moment. Until now. A look ...
Lilli Behom a year ago
Boil Boil Toil and Trouble: Spells for a Modern Day Witch
I'm opening my Book of Shadows for everyone and sharing my favorite spells I've collected over the years. From amulets to hexes, these are all easy spells for witches of all levels.
Yvonne Glasgowa year ago
Why Are DIY Weddings So Popular (and How to Get Started on Yours)?
I’m currently in the midst of planning my second wedding. My first one didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to (and maybe that’s why my marriage didn’t either, who knows), so I am taking extra care wit...
Mikayla Walkera year ago
Setting Up Your Home Emergency Kit
Are you an experienced over-packer? A certified precautionist? Me too. And there's no need to feel bad about it! Coming from the mind of a small scale prepper, you can NEVER be too prepared for the un...
Keri Masona year ago
Tips for Thrift Shopping
8 Tips for Successful Thrifting
Penny Newtona year ago
DIY Camping Hacks to Prep Before Your Next Trip
If you're super into nature and the wilderness, then you certainly view camping as a fun experience. You're surrounded by the best aspects of earth, sleeping under the stars, waking up to the sound of...
Planning a Wedding on a Budget
So, you are engaged!!! Well, let me be one of the first to say congrats. You are taking the next step in both of y'all's lives. Now comes the part that most brides look forward to: planning the weddin...