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How to do just about anything; life hacks to navigate obstacles of all types, from the trivial to the severe.

How To: Prepare Your House for Sale
Home stagers and realtors alike understand the importance of getting your home prepared and as clean as possible for potential buyers, especially giving it that professional finish. According to Ginge...
Kate Watkinsa year ago
5 Ways My Planner Transformed My Life
It’s no secret that planning an event can help it run smoothly. You wouldn’t have a wedding without a bit of planning, you couldn’t run a business without a schedule, and you shouldn’t write an essay ...
Melanie Newdicka year ago
Productivity Is About Choices
I'm often asked what the secret to productivity is. In my experience, the secret is the ability to make, and stick to, choices about how you spend your time. Making choices about how you spend your ti...
Lindsey Ha year ago
NYC on a Budget
Living on a budget in NYC can be a challenge, but is possible as long as you set limits to what you spend. I know how hard it can be deciding to give up Starbucks coffee to make my own at home to save...
Sue Ca year ago
Tips on Throwing a New Year's Eve Party!
New Year’s Eve is the time of festive celebrations. Out with the old, in with the new. Many people get a sense of joy knowing that they can begin a clean slate. Everything from new weight loss venture...
Jennifer Violeta year ago
Life Hacks to Save Money So You Can Spend It Elsewhere
Taking trips are usually expensive, especially getting out of the state or country. Just the flight and booking a room for a few nights will drain your wallet. That's why many of us must save a lot of...
Savana Verreta year ago
10 Tips on How to Make and Use a Grocery Budget
Times are tough for people all over the United States. Some people have had to let go of precious items to pay bills or get food on the table. But, what if there was a way to create an efficient budge...
Samantha Reida year ago
Dear Last Minute Shoppers
Whether you started shopping today or you started shopping six months ago, there are always those last minute things that you forget as you finish up your wrapping. You are not alone and that, in this...
Lady Sundaya year ago
A DIY Mirror Guide
Mirrors are made from a smooth, polished surface that reflects light. Usually a mirror is made of a sheet of glass that has one side coated in aluminum, silver, or gold. That side is then painted, or ...
A.K. Montesa year ago
Life Hacks
You cannot go to YouTube or Pinterest without seeing the tagline "Life Hack for (fill in the blank) …" with promises to make whatever easier. I don't know if I should blame YouTube or Pinterest for th...
Jamie Da year ago
How To: Bullet Journals
Today I will be talking about bullet journals. If you don’t know what they are, they are essentially an aesthetically pleasing way to keep track of many different aspects of daily life. They are becom...
TLS Sherpaa year ago
How to Master the Morning Routine Like a Professional
It can be the most dreadful part of the day and the killer of Monday dreams. It takes the fun out of the evening hours of the day before. Not only do we despise the idea of it, it ruins the start and ...
Savana Verreta year ago
Tips for a DIY Wedding
Planning a wedding is one of the most enthralling but stressful thing someone can go through. Most people hire a wedding planner to help them, while others DIY the whole thing. For those who do it the...
Katana Haleya year ago
Techniques To Increase Your Reading Speed Within a Week
How much would your life improve by being able to read significantly faster than you ever have? It’s possible for you to read up to 300 times faster by simply using a few methods. It may take some pra...
Tyler Guerreroa year ago
How To Get Freebies And Samples
Hello, beautiful people! I will be telling you how I get all the freebies and samples that I have received in the mail so far. A lot of people wonder how I get free stuff. There really is no secret to...
Isobel Ba year ago
How to Become a Morning Person
We have all been there, staying up until the wee hours of morning, sleeping 10+ hours only to wake up in the afternoon and repeat. Being a student I have had to change my sleep schedule constantly to ...
Savannah Granta year ago
Organize Your Space and Start Right Now
How To Get in the Right Mindset for Organizing (and How To Start by Cleaning Out Your Handbag)
Sheera Leea year ago
16 Clever Christmas DIY Projects To Try This Holiday Season
Why buy your holiday decor at the store? Roll up your sleeves and get crafty this holiday season with these Christmas DIY projects.