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How to do just about anything; life hacks to navigate obstacles of all types, from the trivial to the severe.

Skye Hartman3 months ago
Tips to Save Money
And make a little on the side.
Stephi Durand3 months ago
Money Saving Methods
Saving money and having a good amount of savings is such an important thing. But it also seems to be something people don't tend to talk about or even mention. It's good to have savings at any time in...
Morgan E. Westling3 months ago
Cool Lifehacks That Will Save You Time in the Morning
The saying "Rise and shine" doesn't apply to just anybody. Mornings can be the toughest time of the day for many people. The majority of us who are getting up early to head to corporate jobs are not g...
Toni Koraca3 months ago
5 Ways to Make Your Negotiations Impressive
Negotiation is a daily process for every human being. You negotiate when you are picking the restaurant to eat with your partner. Or when you are trying to discuss a promotion with your boss. Sometime...
Darlene Eddington3 months ago
Rimm Associates Coupon Wave
Are you aware Coca Cola was the very first coupon offered in 1887? The offer was a free sample!
Lana Alison3 months ago
So You Wanna Learn a Language?
Growing up in America, I spoke English at home my whole life. It's pretty normal in American culture to only know one language—English, even if your family speaks more than one. I often begged my moth...
Karine Singer3 months ago
Debt & Your Happiness
At some point in the majority of people’s lives, they have been in debt. Whether it is student loan debt for getting an education or falling into a credit trap, you are not alone. The average person i...
Emily Grace3 months ago
How to Become a Morning Person
Have you always wanted to be the type of person who can just hop out of bed, make a healthy breakfast, exercise and then crack on with the rest of the morning? It seems impossible doesn't it? Well it ...
Scott Allen Ham3 months ago
How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs
It's embarrassing to admit, but I had a bed bug infestation. They ate my girlfriend up every night. We weren't even sure what they were until we did some investigating. Bed bugs. Yuck. Where did they ...
Laura Smidt3 months ago
DIY - Burnt to Shiny Pot, How to
Picture a day when you are in the kitchen, running around without much time to pay attention to the food cooking on your stove. We have all been there. The day it happened to me was much the same. I h...
Nikki Sanger3 months ago
Investment & Finance
In today’s economy it is getting harder and harder to save. Minimum wage goes up resulting in the cost of living to go up. We still strive as a society to the image of “keeping up with the Jones’” whe...
Melina Encarnacion3 months ago
Get Your S*** Together!
If your life were a plate, it would be piling up to the point where you can't carry it at all! School assignments, work, your best friend's birthday is coming, and bills are due and so much more is co...
Girl Anonymous4 months ago
How I Made $3,000+ Extra a Month!
I quit my job February of 2016 to finish school. As I finished school, my fiancé took on the burden of our mortgage and bills ALL by himself. Not that he wasn't doing a great job, but I missed having ...
Peter O’Hanlon4 months ago
Presentation Sensation
Better communication and interaction is an integral aspect of life, business, and family. And increasingly so, the ability to present with confidence and charisma. Today, the public speaking industry ...
Lisa Briskey4 months ago
DIY: My Homemade Cleaning Supplies with White Vinegar
Ingredients: 1/2 cup of White Vinegar 2 cups of Water 20 drops of Essential Oil (Lavender) Spray Bottle DIRECTIONS: Mix together the vinegar, water and essential oil. Pour into a spray bottle, shake w...
Grace E4 months ago
How to Start a Bullet Journal
All over Pinterest, I was seeing pins about bullet journals, and I wondered what they were. After figuring out that it was pretty much a notebook with dots instead of lines, I was instantly interested...
Haley Alannah4 months ago
Not-So-Extreme Couponing
You’ve probably seen it before - the women (and some men) on TLC’s Extreme Couponing, spending hours tirelessly collecting coupons and planning shopping trips in order to purchase a $1000 haul of groc...
Grace E4 months ago
Bullet Journaling: What Is It?
A while ago, I was scrolling around on Pinterest when I noticed something consistently kept popping up in my feed. It was something called a bullet journal, and being a Pinterest organization freak, I...