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Lifehacks for New Parents
I just became a mum! Well... 6 months ago, so I feel like I know a few things about being a new parent. The bags under my eyes and leaking boobs could tell you a few things too.I love being a mum, it ...
Jus L'amore5 days ago
20 Lifehacks That Will Change Your Life
Life isn't easy. Everyday, we face minor hurtles, small challenges, and pain-in-the-ass problems that cause us to waste time, arrive late, and mumble inappropriate curse words out of frustration. Gran...
Maddie Goody6 days ago
Urban Green Witchcraft Essentials
For anyone of any belief, I think we all can agree that when we live in a city, it is easier to get caught up in the negative and stressful energies that surround a busy life. We can end up feeling di...
Morgan Elliott21 days ago
How to Choose the Perfect Gift for Your Family Members
If it’s not Christmas, it’s birthdays and if it’s not birthdays it’s some other occasion or holiday—we need gift inspiration every day! So, what do you do when you run out of awesome ideas? You consult the Internet of course. Unlike the gifts for your buddies and SOs, which can be funny and even naughty, family gifts need to be useful, caring, and respectable. So, here are a few perfect gift ideas for each member of your family.
Paisley Hansena month ago
6 Things You Probably Never Do But Should
Nowadays there are so many things for people to do and worry about. From work to home life and everything in between, there are tons of things you probably should do but never get around to. Below are...
Paige Graffundera month ago
Downsizing My Life
I am moving currently and downsizing my space significantly. I have been in the same space for about five years, and through a myriad of roommates and a relationship now ended, a lot of things were le...
Jus L'amore2 months ago
15 Lifehacks Every Parent Needs to Know
Parenting is no joke. Even when you're standing proud and think you have it down, another unexpected curveball comes flying at your face, putting you right back on your ass again. Now, by reading this...
Craig House2 months ago
Strapped for Cash? Check Out These Awesome Money Saving Sites & Apps!
Oh money. We really can’t live without you. But why must you be so hard to take care of… If you, like most of the country, are struggling to save money, then it may just be time for you to consider using some of the coolest money saving apps in town. Not only can your money saving endeavour be successful, but you may just end up enjoying the saving process, too! While sacrificing a daily Starbucks coffee and avocado on toast may sound pretty devastating to the young, some of these applications a...
bxtchmandz 3 months ago
Must Haves for This Summer
It is going to be a hot ass summer, and the last thing we need is letting that affect our summer fun. Well, not this year! We've got a short and sweet post today, straight to the point. For everything...
Margaret Minnicks3 months ago
Never Use Your Debit Card for These Nine Purchases
Using debit cards has become so widespread in recent years that people don't think twice about using them. A debit card is very convenient to use, but there are some times when it is not safe to do so...
Kevin 3 months ago
Things Every Marketer Needs on Their Desk
Make your work space your own.
Michelle Estevez3 months ago
10 Smart Ways to Save More Money
The idea of tackling finances can seem like a confusing and forbidden territory to the majority of people; yet, with the conveniences of modern technology, it doesn't have to be such a turn off. Simpl...
Isaiah Goodman4 months ago
Becoming Empowered
Hey everyone! Can you believe it's April? Did anyone play a good April Fool's joke on you? Hopefully it was fun, and not a scam… I wanted to talk about ways that you can avoid getting scammed when it ...
Iggy Paulsen4 months ago
15 Household Products That Have Multiple Uses
We can learn a lot from the way people did things in the old days, especially when it comes to finding extra uses for common household items. I mean, think about it. Did you ever wonder how people got...
Jarrod Miller-Dean4 months ago
Wheels Around the City: Top Five Tips for Daily Bicycle Commuting
There are an estimated billion people all over the world ditching their cars, and commuting on bicycles. And why not? There are a myriad of benefits, such as avoiding hectic traffic congestion, promot...
feral kenyon4 months ago
12 Legit Ways to Save Money for a Concert
When I was first going to concerts, “How to Make Money Fast” was a regular topic for my search engine. And after years and years of signing up for useless sponsored websites and getting scammed out of...
Marcus Azaria4 months ago
The Online Job Code
Okay, so you want to work from home, stay tuned, I've been looking all over the internet for ways that anyone can earn and get started today. I will break it down into surveys, website testing, Paid-t...
Heather Clark5 months ago
20 Ways of Filling Up Your Empty Notebooks
Here are 20 ways of filling your empty notebooks. If you're like me and have tons of books that can't go to waste, this may be helpful for you!