Lists of tips and tricks that will help you become a better you; hack your way to an ultimate work, home and social life.

Mikah Victoria9 months ago
5 Organization Tips from a Person with OCD
I was only diagnosed with OCD about a year ago, and it came as the biggest shock I've ever had. I'm not a particularly clean person and with the stereotypes about people with OCD in my mind that they ...
Crysta Coburn9 months ago
The Wonderful World of Libraries
Libraries are more than book depositories these days, and many make their items available long distance, whether through digital or inter-library lending. If you haven’t been to your local library rec...
Jlynn Sheaks9 months ago
Parenting Hacks
There are many approaches to life and how we manage them can be important. I am a single mom of three daughters that I raise completely on my own. So I have developed some much needed lifehacks that c...
Nicola P. Young9 months ago
10 Survival Lifehacks That Could Save Your Life
It's always best to be fully prepared for any situation and have all the tools and resources you need for survival. But life isn't a neat little package, and you may someday find yourself in a tricky ...
Amyleigh Craig10 months ago
Stop Suppressing Sustainability
I think in the current climate of sustainability and zero-waste becoming "popular movements," we sometimes overlook how much of a privilege living a sustainable lifestyle can be and/or the amount of c...
Jennica Janae10 months ago
6 Groupon Alternatives You Probably Didn’t Know Existed
If you’re unfamiliar with Groupon, they’re a large online company with over 150 million subscribers. Groupon is a web-based deal site that helps you save on a variety of things from food and drinks to...
Haden M.10 months ago
10 Things to Remember When Moving Out
Most people seem to move out around the age of 22 or 23. Everyone is different, and it depends on the circumstances, though. If you are going to college and can't afford a move, my advice is to stay w...
Creative Weirdoa year ago
Tips and Tricks for Black Friday​
Here are a few tips and tricks for this year when you are going Black Friday shopping. You can choose to use these in November when you do go shopping. Make a list of things you plan to get and then r...
Must Know Reading Lifehacks for Bookworms
Every book lover out there has their list of personal reading lifehacks that they keep close every time they open a good book and decide it’s time to read. Reading hacks make the reading experience ea...
Saph a year ago
Top Ten Tips for Eco-Friendly Living
It baffles me when people treat Mother Nature with disrespect. We all have to live on this planet, so it seems obvious that it's our duty to take care of it. Yet supermarkets spew plastic packaging in...
Ashley Smitha year ago
A Planner's Paradise
HI, my name is Ashley, and I am a planner. Okay, there it is, my (not-so-secret) secret. Over the last few years, I have been on a mission to organize my life. Whether or not I have been successful in...
Johnson Bernarda year ago
Fun and Affordable Things to Do with Friends
Let's not beat around the bush, it's clear there's a wide range of options we would all love to do when hanging or chilling with our vast array of friends and colleagues, however they are often inexpe...
What's In My Purse?
Let me tell you. For us girls, we always carry our life in our purse. At least that's the case for me. When I switch purses over, it's usually all nice and neat and organized. Until it's not. More stu...
Kelyn Ya year ago
Tools of Pattern Making
All beautiful garments go through a process of an idea, design, pattern, and, finally, construction before we see the beautiful final work. I compiled a list of tools that are needed for the process o...
Kelsey Langea year ago
Easy and Awesome Cleaning Hacks To Improve Your Life
Not many people can say that they enjoy cleaning. But there are tips and tricks to mix things up, and more importantly, make things easier. These top ten cleaning hacks to improve your life will make ...
Sarah Halea year ago
The A-Z of Soap Making
A General List of Things You Will Need to Get Started
Misha Alslebena year ago
10 Romantic DIY Valentines for the Man in Your Life
Low Cost Romantic Gifts for the Man You Love
Kelsey Langea year ago
Popular Lifehacks That Are Actually Fake and Don't Work
Be aware of the appealing yet unplausible tips the internet might trick you with. Though they might seem life-changing at first glance, these lifehacks that are actually fake and will only be an extra...