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Jus L'amorea month ago
10 Reasons I Love Target!
I'm obsessed with Target. No, seriously, Target is my answer to all things in life. Need a shirt? Go to Target. Need bread? Go to Target. Need meds? Go to Target. Fake eyelashes? Shampoo? New pans? Pi...
John Doe2 months ago
Five Ways Businesses Trick You into Buying Things You Don't Need!life
In the 21st century, online marketing has taken over the traditional advertisement channels. As attractive as the idea of shopping online from the comfort of your own home may be, we, as customers, mu...
Alix McCormick3 months ago
4 Gift Ideas for the Picky Ones in your Family!
So around Christmas time or birthday time, there is always that loved one that is either very hard to shop for or they are picky and will more than likely turn their nose up at whatever you give them....
Ossiana Tepfenhart4 months ago
Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know
Being a girl is hard. Ladies have to deal with double standards, insane demands from society, having to protect their bodily autonomy on a daily basis...the list goes on and on. It takes most ladies y...
Pat Cooper4 months ago
Five Ways to Save on Halloween This Fall
With Halloween arriving soon, it’s time to start prepping your home for this festive season. However, don’t believe that you have to go bankrupt spending money on Halloween decorations, candy, or cost...