School hacks to elevate your academic game; work smarter, not harder.

Conrad Morningstar9 months ago
Learning Lifehacks for Study Night​
Whether it's study night or for long term application, the truth with learning is that one size does not fit all. There are five different learning styles according to the VARK model, so if we can ide...
Lauren Flammer9 months ago
Life Hack: Easy Money for Broke College Students
College is difficult, that is a fact. Whether it's trying to get essays done before the 11:59 PM deadline, finding the motivation to wake up and look decent for our 8 AM class, or even trying to budge...
Skunk Uzeki9 months ago
10 Lifehacks for Broke College Students
College is the best time of your life—or so they say. It'd be better if, you know, you didn't have to deal with being in the middle of an existential struggle involving making ends meet while drowning...
Annie Currana year ago
A Starter Pack for a Beginner Eco-Friendly Student
Going to university is an exciting time, but it means that you have to begin your journey to being independent. That means buying your own stuff for your bedroom, university supplies, food, and drinks...
Creative Weirdoa year ago
15 Hacks for Back to School
These are just a few hacks for this school year!
Ben Kharakha year ago
Study Hacks Every College Student Should Know
I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Brookdale Community College in NJ and was awarded the Outstanding Student Award in the Social Sciences and Education Division. I was then accepted to a couple Ivy Leag...
Taylor Markarian2 years ago
Brilliant Life Hacks for High School Seniors
The life of a high school senior is filled with excitement, anxiety, hard work, and slacking off. There is an appropriate time for all of these things, but you have to learn to be efficient if you wan...
Rayna Perry2 years ago
Five Effortless Ways You Can Go Green on Campus
College is hard. Your schedule is always full, whether it's classes, clubs, or the big game. When your planner is full, and you still haven't done your laundry for the week, the thought of adding some...
Shosha Adie2 years ago
Hitting Freshers Without Missing Out: London
I think September would have to be the biggest month for anyone about to head to university, but also the smallest. The first half stretches on for eternity as you bite your nails to nothing, the seco...