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Dan McGinnis7 days ago
Two Ways for Quick Extra Money
Everyone can use a few extra dollars these days. Whether it's money for a Starbuck's latte or a few extra gallons of gas in the tank, dollars are always in high demand. Working a typical 9-5 job or ev...
Amber Van Wort12 days ago
Money Making Apps That Actually Work!
We've all seen ads for money making apps. Most of them promise to be quick and simple, but more often than not these apps are the farthest thing from quick and simple. Many of them are survey based an...
James Fangs14 days ago
Genius Apps That Make Life Easier
These days technology is basically ruling the world. Over the past years, technology drastically evolved and we sometimes can't even keep up with it. Our cellphones are much more beneficial, the Inter...
Megan Rusha month ago
New App May Help You Earn Side Cash??
Lots of apps claim to help you earn money on the side, but a lot of them are ridiculous and I have pretty much tried them all. From taking surveys, watching video ads, scratch offs apps, to an app tha...
Abdullah Masood3 months ago
DIY Raspberry Pi Hobby Computer Build for Less Than $180
Hello everyone. These days everyone needs a computer. From work to fun, it is a necessity. But while there are many cheap older computers available, generally they fail because of the demands of moder...
Carolin Petterson5 months ago
Energy-Efficiency Tips for Building and Renovating
Today, more and more people who decide to build or renovate their house choose to go green and improve the energy efficiency of their homes as well. In this day and age, it’s extremely important to be...