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The Best Tips on How to Write a Killer Product Review

Amazon Product Review

Digital camera

Most Amazon affiliates generate their sales by writing reviews for various products sold on Amazon products. This is one of the best and most effective methods of generating extra income from Amazon. In case you are aspiring to be one of those gurus on Amazon, I have good tips for you. These tips have practically proved to be true and most effective in meeting your targets in terms of income generation on Amazon platform.

The following is the seven best tips applicable to this situation, which are as follows:

1. Select the right product to review.

The most important thing to note first is that the product of your choice should be best suited for your affiliate promotion. Keep in mind the fact that you are not writing the review for anything but for the purpose of being paid. For that matter, you must choose the right product to review based on the requirements of the company you are promoting. In general, the review should be the most excellent selling and have a high-quality review rating

2. Use personal style for your product review.

Most company or professional style reviews are boring to read. For better results on product reviews, you should use personal style. This will connect you very well with your readers. It also makes your review look like a real life conversation with friends about a particular product. Research has revealed that this is the best style of writing, as it will allow you to give your review a better connection with your readers.

3. Include pros, cons, and product detail in your review.

Pros, cons, and product detail are the three points that you need to give your readers when writing the product review. In pros, you should indicate to the reader the benefits of the product. You can list these benefits of the product based on your personal observation, which may be through reading customer reviews on Amazon. Next, you should indicate the disadvantages of the product as per your observation. Don’t forget to keep the pros bigger than the cons because you want people to purchase through your affiliate link. Finally, you should include the product details, as it is important to give your readers general information about the product. 

Continuation of the Seven Best Tips For Amazon Product Review

Digital video recorder

4. Provide an insight into a customer review.

Do thorough research and get the opinion of other customers on the product you are reviewing. You must include some Amazon customer reviews in your product review. This is important as it makes people understand the feeling of the product in the case.

5. Incorporate several images and videos in your product review.

Video clips and images showing the product review is a very important sales tool, as they give readers more feel about the product. People will regard your review as more interesting and attractive to read when you include some images and/or videos. A text-only product review will not be enough to generate sales.

6. Add a valid reason why readers should buy at Amazon.

In the process of reviewing a product, consider regular price of the product on the manufacturer’s website or other websites. In most cases, Amazon prices are a bit cheaper than those on other websites. Provide a strong call to action to encourage your readers to visit the Amazon product page.

7. Add text links only to your review.

Banners are less effective in promoting Amazon products. The recommended promotion method to include in your review is to place your affiliate link in the form of a text link. Insert it into the content and avoid putting it separate from the content. This brings out conversation clearly.

Geoffrey Musera
Geoffrey Musera

Geoffrey is a Hospitality Consultant | Certified Internal Quality Management Systems Auditor | Influencer | Star Rated Article Writer. He loves Hotels, Quality, Articles, Blogs, Product Reviews, Proofreading, Data Entry and Researching.

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The Best Tips on How to Write a Killer Product Review
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