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The Do’s and Don'ts of Riding With Uber

A Few Tips to Make Your Rides Easier!

It’s no secret that Uber and similar companies have revolutionized transportation in a number of ways. In fact, adventuring to new places or even familiar ones has never been easier, as Uber’s user friendly app connects drivers and passengers through a simple touch of a button. While the process is relatively easy for most users, there are still some important things to keep in mind before you confirm your ride!

These Uber do’s and don'ts come from my personal experience, wherein my first time using the ride share service was a few days ago, during a business trip in Chicago, IL. Being from California as a licensed driver, I have never found the need to use Uber, so I honestly had no experience or knowledge on how it worked. When I arrived in Chicago, I initially decided to use this service just to get from the airport to my hotel; however, throughout the week I found myself using Uber more and more to conveniently experience what downtown Chicago had to offer. With my number of trips quickly growing, I started becoming more comfortable with not only the app, but also the idea of being driven by a complete stranger. With that being said, these few tips are what I wish I would have known to lessen the stress and awkwardness I felt while ordering my first few rides:


  1. Do download the app and set up your payment preference before you need a ride; this will allow you to get familiar with the app, and be prepared to order and pay for your ride without any stress or pressure.
  2. Do know your ride options! Uber offers quite a few ways to ride, so here’s a brief explanation of them: “Uber Pool” is where you save money by being in a car with other passengers, which can affect your estimated arrival time. “UberX” is a standard ride for one to four people, costing more than pool but providing more privacy. “Uber Premium” and “Uber Black” provide high-end rides, with “Uber Black” also offering professional drivers. “Uber XL” and “Uber SUV” provide larger cars for more passengers, and “Uber Español” provides Spanish speaking drivers.
  3. Do tip, compliment and leave a good star rating for your driver if your ride was professional, safe and what you ordered. This helps the driver know that they did a good job and allows them to gain a positive reputation. 


  1. Don’t order a ride until you are in a designated pickup location, because if the driver has to wait, they may cancel your ride or charge you by the minute. Being where you need to be will make things easier for everyone!
  2. Don’t be afraid to talk to your driver! If you need more room, more heat or air, or you just want to learn about interesting places to see in the city, your Uber driver will most likely be happy to oblige. You can get comfortable and even learn some interesting things just by asking!
  3. Don’t distract your driver. This may seem like an obvious tip, but it happens sometimes. Ultimately, distractions could pose danger to you, the driver and others on the road. Try to ask for more room, heat or air in the beginning, before they start driving as to avoid any problems.

By following this bit of advice, you can avoid any awkwardness, or mistakes in riding with Uber; this will make your rides stress free and enjoyable for everyone involved! Now get out there and begin your next adventure! 

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The Do’s and Don'ts of Riding With Uber
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