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The Easiest Ways to Make Money, Without Leaving Your Bed

All are tried and true, by me personally!

I can remember when I was 12, wishing I had my own money to go to the mall and buy what I wanted with. But, there are laws which make it illegal for anyone under the age of 16 to work, so I was stuck depending on my parents for spending money. One day I thought, "There has to be somewhere online where I can make money." I hopped on Google and sure enough—there were dozens of websites willing to pay me to complete surveys and even watch videos. I QUICKLY signed up and within about two months, my first check came in.

Since then, I have discovered dozens of other websites and apps that are also willing to pay me for simple things: watching videos, using their grocery coupons, cash back shopping, downloading other apps, submitting pictures of any of my receipts, and even walking! To date I have made OVER $500 between these websites and apps, and I do not even use them on a daily basis. I have made this money in my spare time, between classes and social events at school.

1. Inbox Dollars

This one is my favorite. It’s easy to navigate the website, and offers several different ways to earn. You can earn money by streaming videos, completing internet searches, using their grocery coupons, completing offers (free ones too!), cash back shopping, and completing surveys. I’ve made well over $250 in the past two years, which says a lot considering I only ever stream videos while I do my homework or clean my room. Once you earn $30, they’ll and you a check in the mail or you can receive online payment. You get $5 just for signing up, and even more bonuses are offered once you are registered! 

2. Cash Crate

Cash Crate is pretty similar to Inbox Dollars in the different ways they allow you to earn money. You can cash out at just $20, and earn three cents for every day that you log into your account. You receive your payment in a check, which takes roughly seven to ten days to receive in the mail.

3. Ibotta (App)

This is another one of my favorites. Ibotta gives you rebates on groceries, liquors, and cash back on certain online purchases. Sometimes, they have an offer which pays you $1 for every Uber you take (which can really add up). Simply snap a picture of your receipt and it will match what you bought with current rebates and credit your account. Occasionally, you can earn 25 cents just for uploading a picture of your receipt, even if you have no qualifying rebates on it. You can redeem your money through Venmo, PayPal, or choose from a variety of gift cards. Use the code below to earn $10 for signing up and redeeming your first rebate!


4. Achievement (App)

This app allows you to earn points just for walking. It does take a while to accumulate points, but once you reach 10,000, you can have $10 sent to your PayPal or redeem in a gift card, or even donate it to your favorite charity! It is so easy since you are already walking everyday, and gives extra motivation to walk more than you normally would. Sign up with the link below and get 250 points!


5. Receipt Hog (App)

I’ve been using the app for years. It does take some time to earn points, but the concept is extremely easy! You simply take pictures of your receipts from grocery stores, drug stores, gas stations, beauty supply stores (including Ulta and Sephora!), gas stations, and convenience stores to earn points towards Amazon gift cards, cash via PayPal or magazine subscriptions. Take pictures of your receipts on a weekly basis, and have the chance to earn bonus points! 

6. FetchRewards (App)

The concept is the exact same as Receipt Hog, but the prizes are different! There are dozens of different gift card options to chose from, and you earn points a little quicker. Use the referral code below to earn extra points when signing up!


7. Make Money (App)

This app rewards you points which can be redeemed in cash payouts via PayPal. There are three ways to earn points: watch videos, check in daily, and download and run different apps. Point rewards vary between 2-12,000 per task completed, and it only takes 5,000 points to receive a $5 payout. I was able to get $5 twice in the same month because of this app! Use the code below when signing up and receive 100 bonus points!


8. Money App (App)

This app is the actual exact same as the app above, but is separate, allowing you to do similar tasks, check in, and videos for points to get a PayPal cash out! Use the code below when signing up for 100 bonus points!


9. Ebates

Cash back shopping at HUNDREDS of stores ONLINE AND IN STORE! Simply launch the website you wish to shop on via Ebates and receive cash back. Checks are mailed every three months! Stores featured on Ebates include Forever 21, Macy’s, Sephora, Ulta, and more! Use the referral link below to sign up and receive a $10 gift card of your choice after confirming your account (by making a purchase through Ebates at any of their affiliate stores). I have been using this for years and have gotten over $500 back. You need to start using Ebates ASAP!

Get started here!

I hope you find these websites and apps to be helpful in earning some extra cash!

Soon to come: Best Apps for Selling Your Stuff and Apps for Investing: Beginner Friendly! I'll always share any ways I know of making money easily and online so always check!

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The Easiest Ways to Make Money, Without Leaving Your Bed
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