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The Key to Being Treasured

Keys to Finally Gaining the Respect and Admiration You Deserve

Malcolm X's Pilgrimage to Mecca in 1964 - He is seen here, "Embracing Life's Secrets" 

For the average lackluster person, life, as it is, can be painstakingly confusing and tiring. So when it seems like you're the only one contributing effort to your social circle, leaving you feeling like the underdog instead of the head of the pack, it may be time to draw the line. 

Here are thre surefire tips I  have compiled to help you be more adored, respected, and treasured by the companions, colleagues, and family members you call your own. 

1. Be More, Say Less

All relationships consist of different types of roles, but the ones we are most familiar with are the dominant and submissive kinds. Since the beginning of time, the subjects holding the dominant position have been revered, whilst submissive positions made it their place to cater to and serve dominant positions. Even though those behavioral types are not as strong as they were in ancient civilizations, they are still present today. This is the reason why it is important to maintain an air of dominance in all social situations. Ways to do this are to keep quiet, and speak only when it is absolutely necessary, do not be the one to start conversations, but let others come to you instead. This way, you will only attract and keep the people that truly believe that you are worth their time. Remember, it is better to be alone and happy than to be surrounded by people who are not happy to be in your company. 

2. Don't Search for Friends, Let Your Friends Find You!

Like tip number 1, this piece of advice also pertains to maintaining dominance. Too many times people make the mistake of trying to get others to spend time with them or to care about them. This kind of behavior repels long-lasting relationships more than it attracts them. The best thing to remember when you catch yourself being clingy or overbearing is the fact that what is meant for you will ALWAYS find its way to you. When you chase after relationships you may end up with a person or a group of people that you are not really meant to be around. Henceforth, you will not feel loved or adored in the position you are in unless it is where you are meant to be.

3. Accept Your Good, Your Bad, and Your Ugly

As people, it is in our nature to attract what we are. So when you do not love yourself for all of your traits, you will attract people who feel the same way you do about yourself, making it impossible to be respected and loved by those around you. It may be hard to love the person you see in the mirror when you've continued on with negative thought processes for months or even years. But once you start to love yourself, it's almost as if everything in your life will fall into place. A simple way to start accepting yourself more is to look into the mirror or envision yourself at least once a day and choose one thing you love about your physical characteristics or your personality. Compliment yourself whenever you can. Absolutely anything goes!! 

It took me a long time to finally gain the love and adoration I wanted from those around me. However, with enough practice and meditation, I realized that it all had to start with me. Whatever I exhibited from the inside, would be what was given back to me on the outside. I hope these tips and tricks change your life as much as they changed mine. Thank you, and good luck!

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The Key to Being Treasured
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