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Tiny Homes for Extra Space

If you're like me and you have a large extended future family in the mix, you might want to consider this great investment.

I live in Saint Augustine where not many people want to live in a giant touristy town. While everyone has the highest rates of education here inside the city and within Saint John's County, there are some interesting perks to living inside a town that has areas developing that are not part of the city limits.

Last year there was a tiny home festival. If anyone knows what those are like, sometimes they are cramped, and sometimes they are not as small as you think they are. I took my boyfriend with me and he was quite impressed with some of the tiny homes.

We saw old school buses converted into tiny homes that were beyond amazing. We saw old refrigerated trailers made into luxury tiny homes and I was more amazed by how big space inside a reefer could be. One man was trying to sell his reefer for about $103,000. There were homes ranging from 206 square feet to as much as 1,300 square feet. There were cash boxes at every door for money that included gas and future renovations or improvements these folks were trying to do when they showed up at the festival.

I have always loved the idea of a home on wheels or some RV/trailer type situation where I could take off and just head in any direction. But the one thing that I found, some pros about the benefits of a tiny home, has something to do with the Florida climate and weather situation.

In case of hurricane, take your tiny home

If you need to evacuate from your location, you can hitch your tiny home to your car, truck, or some form of transportation and head out via the evacuation routes located in your city.

Where we currently live now and would love to pursue living in the future is rated at a flood zone level C. That means we could be the third group to leave given any major hurricane shifts in direction or size. Saint Augustine was damaged by Hurricane Matthew and Irma within a span of a year. But the place we are living at now had received minimal damage. Almost everything that happened was minor and was nothing serious to be concerned about.

Tiny homes are designed for travel and the purpose of being something you take with you. Plus, with the practice of minimalism, your tiny home could be spacious and inviting because you learn whether or not you need a lot of stuff.

Your home needs major upgrades, tiny homes help with sleeping situations.

Sometimes people will make a tiny home and keep it on a piece of property or in their backyard in case somebody or something happens to come to their permanent house. It can allow more guest to be accommodated in your living situation and it is the easiest to clean on a daily basis.

There are also some perks for homeowners themselves. This can include having a separate bedroom suite if you have some serious demolition work needed to be done on your house. We have a structural issue that needs to be redone, paint touch-ups and such, as well as a massive cleanup of the yard to be considered part of the neighborhood. So trying to get my future hubby on board with the idea of a tiny home is becoming a hard and stubborn question. 

The biggest con to having a tiny house will devalue the property and those around you, but then again if you live in areas where trailers or extensions of homes are allowed like she-sheds and such, then it wouldn't be a problem.

Tiny homes can make or save money for struggling budgets

If you don't use your tiny home and it's on your property, there is a good chance you can get some renters income from the vehicle. If you have options for your tiny home to be solar, rainwater, or hooked to electricity and water, you basically have the best option for rental income without having to buy another condo, apartment, or home ever again.

The other benefit is that if you bought a piece of land, but you want to build a house and it's taking too long, a tiny home that can fit a growing family or a small family would be beneficial because you can move any extra items into the new house. For those who think travel is more important than settling down, this also works because you can take your family on the road and not have to be bogged down with some serious cleaning.

Couples who usually start out buying a home, they have something called a mortgage and it is very difficult for most couples to pay it online if they have to pay for their own hospital bills or other items that are not offered or provided by their own company.

Tiny homes don't have to break your bank or your relationship. Florida is the weirdest state with the weirdest extreme climate that a tiny home is beneficial if you want to enjoy traveling, have a comfortable living position while renovating your own house, or taking a risk and trying to earn a couple bucks of money while paying for your own house. 

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Tiny Homes for Extra Space
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