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To-Do List Apps to Help Your Productivity

Not getting in as much work as you should be? These killer to-do list apps will boost your productivity like never before.

Getting things done isn't always easy, even if you aren't a procrastinator. Truth be told, we all tend to have things that we forget to do for one reason or another. The right to-do list can help you get your life on track again — but only if you have it downloaded to your phone and actually use it. 

Not all to-do lists are equal, though. Jotting down to-dos in a notebook, for example, might get tiresome and will likely get lost throughout the day. Apps are better, but each app also has its own perks and pitfalls worth checking out. These awesome to-do list apps will make your life easier, and a little bit more reasonable for planning. 


One of the first to-do list apps you should check out is Wunderlist, one of the top-rated productivity apps on the Apple Play. What makes Wunderlist so awesome is how easy to use it is, and how all the different to-dos are separated by category. You can add a to-do by 3D touch, and even set up reminders for the important stuff. 

All in all, if simplicity's what you seek, Wunderlist will be the wunderkind app that you need to grab. 

Carrot To-Do

Perhaps one of the best to-do list apps for procrastinators, Carrot To-Do is all about rewarding you when you complete tasks. After you finish tasks you put on your list, Carrot To-Do unlocks games, cute photos, and funny gifs of cats. 

Did we mention that Carrot is also a cyberpet? Carrot gets angry and upset if you're not productive. So, don't make Carrot angry. Either way, Carrot's the best to-do app you'll ever find, if you need to make increasing productivity a bit more fun. 

TickTick: Things & Tasks To Do

Some productivity apps are all about helping you complete tasks, write down new tasks, and just declutter your life. TickTick takes things a bit further by also adding new productivity-enhancing goodies. 

Perks that make this app worth a download include Siri-activated task creation, different priority levels, and small tools that help you improve your overall focus throughout the day. It's never been easier to set time and place reminders as you see fit, share tasks with others, and TickTick it off your checklist. 

Vantage Calendar

Are you looking for a great productivity app that allows you to complete tasks in record time, change your list into a design that works with the way you remember things, and rapidly add tasks without the struggle of typing everything out? Vantage Calendar is just what you need, then. 

Vantage Calendar is visually stunning, makes to-do list keeping fun, and syncs with everything — including Facebook. Drag and drop due dates, awesome stickers, and a clean, crisp design is what makes Vantage one of the best to-do list apps for those who need things on a visual level. 


If you're sick of seeing bloated to-do list apps that eat up battery life and are just more of a hassle than they're worth, you're going to love MinimaList. This app is all about easy, crisp design that's meant to be as intuitive as humanly possible — without all the whizzbangs of other productivity apps. 

Cloud syncing, calendar syncing, and easy-to-enter tasks are what make MinimaList good. Not having to wait five centuries for the app to load, though, is what makes MinimaList great. Overall, this is an amazing app to increase productivity at work and at home. 


Unlike other productivity apps on this list, Cozi bills itself as a family planner — and that means that you can share calendars, set reminders for grocery shopping, and also organize all your recipes in your own private cloud-backed recipe box. 

Though it may not be what you'd need to ace things in your career, both working moms and stay-at-home moms will find this app to be an amazing way to improve your home life and get grocery shopping lists down to a science. Maybe that's why it won the Mom's Choice award several years in a row? 

24me Smart Personal Assistant

One of the more innovative to-do list apps we've seen is 24me, an app that bills itself as your own cyber personal assistant. This app allows you to schedule recurring tasks, turn emails into tasks, and even input tasks via your voice. 

Sharing lists, using the app's calendar, and customizing your calendars is a breeze with 24me. That's why we're saying it's one of the best productivity apps for people who need flexibility, customizable settings, and of course, an app that syncs up with every calendar you have. 


Swipes is all about helping you accomplish your goals through a slick task list, task timelines, and prioritized to-dos. Unlike other to-do list apps you'll find, Swipes is fully integrated with Evernote and Gmail. So, you also get to have reminders on every device you need. 

The app also allows you to "snooze" tasks you don't care about, back up your data to the cloud, and switch between "Light" and "Dark" themes as you see fit. You can break down big tasks into smaller steps. No matter how you look at it, Swipes is a great to-do list app for anyone looking to make more out of their day. 

Inkpad Notepad

Miss the old school feeling of jotting down stuff in a notebook? Inkpad Notepad is an app you'll adore, all thanks to its "notepad" look. This simple to-do app is all about letting you have a cyber-notepad that functions as a to-do list, a random note book, and a shopping list. 

You can sync notes online, share notes with others, change note titles, and search through old notes seamlessly. Backing up notes and deleting notes is also doable, so basically, it's just like having a notepad, minus the pad. 

Once you try InkPad, you'll totally agree that paper lists are just so 2010.

Looking to get more done, even though there's only 24 hours in a day? will make it possible by its hyper-streamlined design and its ability to sync up with just about any smart device you have. This is one of the only to-do list apps we've found that works with Siri and Alexa, complete with voice-activated reminders. 

Voice activation aside, what makes one of the best apps we've seen for boosting productivity is that you can actually send to-dos to other people and coordinate schedules via the app. Teamwork just got easier — as did remembering all the little things you need to do.

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To-Do List Apps to Help Your Productivity
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