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Top 10 As Seen On TV Products That Were Surprisingly Awesome

While most stuff in infomercials is pretty lackluster, there were quite a few as seen on TV products that were surprisingly awesome.

What they try to sell you on TV can't all be crap, can it? Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 "as seen on TV" products that were surprisingly awesome.

For this list, we're looking at those as "seen on TV" products that amazed everyone with how useful they were, how much bang they gave you for your buck, or just how cool and surprisingly innovative they were.

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#10: FunLoom Bracelet Making Kit

Perfect for crafty and creative children, the Fun Loom Bracelet Kit comes with 600 different colored silicone bands that you weave together in order to create original and personal bracelets. While it may take some getting used to, as does any artsy project, the bracelet making kit is a blast once you get the hang of it. Why? Well, isn't watching your own creation come to life in front of your eyes always incredibly satisfying? Just don't be surprised if your child wants you to make one for him or her while he or she watches TV.

#9: PedEgg Power

While Arrested Development’s Ann may have invented the Mayonegg, the PedEgg is something entirely different and far more practical—it scrapes callouses off the bottom of your feet and leaves them SMOOTH and SEXY! Whoa! That’s right, it's a surprisingly effective tool for relieving the annoying callous problem, and leaves your feet softer than a baby's. It even stores the dead skin in a little container instead of sprinkling foot remnants all over the place, so it's perfect for both grossing out your friends and conveniently disposing of the flakes. The PedEgg: gross but effective!

#8: Microwave Pasta Boat

While pasta may not be the hardest meal in the world to prepare, it can definitely be made easier, and the amazing and inventive pasta boat proves this. You simply put the dry pasta in the boat, fill it with water, and pop it in the microwave. It even comes with a built in strainer so you don't have to go rummaging around like a damn fool trying to find one. It's extremely stress-free, there's little clean up afterwards, and it actually makes great, ready-to-eat pasta. It's a life changer.

#7: Potato Express Microwave Potato Cooker

Who doesn't love a baked potato? Why, you'd probably eat them all the time if they didn't take, like, 45 of your all too precious minutes! Well, not to sound like an infomercial, but this handy little product has you covered! You simply put a room temperature potato into a bag of pure science and throw it in the microwave. Boom, instant potato. It's such a convenient product, and so easy to use, that it would be a crime not to include it on this list. It's perfect for the lazy and the busy alike, and produces great tasting potatoes every time.

#6: Magic Mesh Hands-Free Screen Door

While most of us love the summer, the season also comes with its unfortunate downsides. We're looking at you, mosquitoes. Fortunately for those of us who don't enjoy bugs with their burgers, the Magic Mesh Screen Door is a perfect product. It's simply a piece of mesh, fitted to a doorway, that you can easily enter and exit from due to its magnetized closing ability. It's the perfect solution for patio lunches, or for just generally keeping bugs out of your house while you enjoy the breeze. And, best of all, it actually works. Great for pets too!

#5: Mighty Putty Purple

Products that can do generally anything will always get praised, so it comes as no surprise that the Mighty Putty Purple has been satisfying customers for years. The product is simply a piece of putty that you can bend and form to your choosing in order to hold items in place, temporarily fix appliances, patch up walls, or even plug holes to prevent leaks. While it's not meant to be a permanent solution, there's no denying that the Mighty Putty Purple is perfect for that quick fix due to its vast array of uses and simple application.

#4: EZ Moves: The Do-It-Yourself Furniture Moving System

We get it if professional furniture movers would be embarrassed to be caught using an as seen on TV product, but this thing is so darn handy that we couldn't fault them at all if they did! All you do is place the nifty little tool underneath your piece of furniture, and suddenly you're pushing and pulling couches around the room like you're Hercules himself. It's so easy to use that anyone can use it, and it drastically simplifies a tedious and exhausting chore. What's not to love?

#3: Ronco 5500 Showtime Rotisserie

Anything that makes food easier to cook is a winner in our books. It's a little more expensive than the other items on this list, as it always hovers around $150, but this product is more than worth the money. It's a rotisserie (did you guess that?), but it's of such outstanding quality that it beats all the competition. The oven’s build quality is firm, it looks clean and effective, and it cooks food to perfection every time. Throw a chicken in here and microwave a potato with the Potato Express and you're good to go! Ron Popeil strikes again!

#2: Chillow

Are you always flipping your pillow during the night to sleep on the cool side? Well, with the Chillow, you won't have to do that, as the product keeps you cool and gives a positive sleeping experience every night. While the set up is admittedly a bit laborious, the results are more than worth the trouble, as the original comfort device stays cool throughout the night and lets you sleep in comfort. You can even use it to bring comfort to other body parts when you're not sleeping as a cold compress, making the Chillow a refreshing, multitasking wonder.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

  • OrGREENic Frying Pan
  • Ahh Bra
  • Mister Steamy
  • Yoshi Blade

#1: Sticky Buddy

Pet hair can be a huge nuisance in the house, especially when it sticks to the furniture and your clothes. However, the Sticky Buddy is such an amazing product that these annoying hairs will no longer be an issue. While regular lint rollers may remove some hair, they're nothing compared to the Sticky Buddy, which acts as a lint roller but does so much more. Praised by virtually everyone who uses it, this is an absolute essential for those of you with pets or for those who just like their clothes and furniture to be squeaky clean.

Do you agree with our list? What "as seen on TV" products do you recommend? For more amazing top tens published every day, be sure to subscribe to

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Top 10 As Seen On TV Products That Were Surprisingly Awesome
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