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Top 10 Crochet Tools

How to Start Up Your Own Crochet Tool Box

When starting a crochet project, most people only think of the three basic items: Yarn, hook, and scissors. However, for more complicated patterns and projects, it helps if one keeps a variety of tools. Therefore, here's how to start a crochet tool box of your own.

1. Different Crochet Hooks

Unless you plan on finger crocheting, you definitely need a crochet hook in order to even start a project. However, it's recommended that you have several different hooks of different sizes. This is because yarn doesn't come as a one size fits all, and different yarn affects how your project comes out. Therefore, if you have several different sized hooks for different sizes yarn on hand, the possibilities of what you can make are expanded tremendously.

2. Tape Measurer

In order to know the measurements of your project, you need something to make measurements with. Keeping a fabric tape measurer on hand will help you determine the final measurements of any project and it will help you estimate how many stitches per square inch you crochet.

3. Scissors

Scissors are among the main three things you need for every project, so it's definitely something you want to keep on hand. However, keeping one pair for different purposes isn't always recommended. Instead, keep two or three different sized pairs for different purposes. Fabric scissors and safety scissors are usually the best choices to have on hand for a project.

4. Stitch Holders

There's nothing wrong with working on a few projects at once, and stitch holders help with the transition from one project to another. This isn't the only use for stitch holders either. You can use one for holding your place if you have to leave your project for an undetermined amount of time, as well as for keeping count of rows or number of stitches in a row.

5. Stitch/Row Counter

Instead of using stitch holders to keep track of how many stitches you've made or rows you have worked through, keeping a digital or manual stitch/row counter on hand can make those easier for you to do without having to buy a ton of stitch holders.

6. Plastic Needles

If you decide to get into amigurumi, or work on granny square or patchwork blankets, plastic needles are perfect for you. Plastic needles are few of the only needles that fit yarn, so you don't have to switch from yarn to thread just to sew on the head of that doll you're making.

7. Tapestry Needle

Another needle you should keep on hand is a tapestry needle. That way, if you need to sew that button nose onto a toy you made, you can use thread without losing a much smaller needle in your work.

8. Buttons

Another item needed for amigurumi, buttons can also be used for decoration on scarves, hats, and gloves, and they tend to be essential for different styles of sweaters. Keeping a few on hand adds even more possibility to the diversity of your work.

9. Note Cards and Pen

When working on a crochet project, it is very easy to underestimate how much material you need. Therefore, keeping note cards and a pen on hand at all times helps you keep track of what material you need. That way, you can keep track of what you need come your next supply run.

10. Yarn

As obvious as it sounds, yarn is the final and most important thing you should always keep on hand when crocheting. It is so easy to overlook when starting a project, so you always want to try and keep a little extra on hand in case you underestimated how much you needed.

As long as you keep these 10 items on hand, you will be prepared for almost any crochet project you set out to complete.

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Top 10 Crochet Tools
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