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Top 10 Rules to Cleaning

Cleaning and Why

Photograph By: The Creative Exchange

If you are going to clean then it is important to make sure that everything is clean. This helps to protect everyone from germs and from getting sick. The number one rule is to literally clean everything. This means from the ceiling to the floors. Leave nothing to chance for any germs to hide out on or in.

Rule two is to clean around the outside of the house or building. This means the outer walls along with the porch from top to bottom. Make sure to get rid of any outside trash. Always wear gloves when cleaning because it is hard to tell what is around outside. Make sure that there are no sharp objects lying around. If there are sharp objects lying around, be sure to wear protective equipment when getting rid of the items.

The third rule is to make sure to clean anything that hands or feet touch. Hands touch almost everything and feet touch the roads. The roads are generally touched by something that hands have touched. The cleaning would include door handles or knobs. This would also include outside areas of the windows and welcome mats. It is important to even clean bed mattresses. This way there is nothing left on it to cause someone to get sick. The best option is to clean even the bed as soon as you buy it and get it home. Cleaning the bed regularly helps in case, when doing other cleaning, something gets missed.

Rule number four is to clean all furniture inside and outside. All of this cleaning also prevents bugs. Clean around the floor panels and make sure all corners everywhere are clean. All trash gets thrown away and all trash cans need to be scrubbed out. Be sure that when cleaning the furniture to remove all cushions to clean them on all sides.

Rule number five is that all sinks are cleaned. It never hurts if you have pop cans and bottles to wash them out before throwing them away. This keeps dripping liquids from ending up all over the place with a sticky mess. The cleaning rule goes with any other containers or packages considered trash. Every single time that the trash can gets emptied, it needs cleaning before placing a new trash bag inside.

Rule number six is that everything stays dusted. This helps with allergies and some germs. Always clean the duster every single time. Keep the duster sealed inside a plastic bag so that it does not already have dust gathered on it. Dust the inside and outside of buildings.

Rule number seven is to place any clothes that are not in use in a plastic sealed bag. This keeps anything from getting on your clothes. Plastic containers will work to store clothes or other items for safety. All winter clothing must get placed in sealed bags or containers too.

Rule number eight is to repeat the above rules as often as possible. It never hurts to do them all at least two to three times a week. If this is all done as often as possible, then there will be fewer problems with sickness or anything else.

Rule nine and ten includes the above rules done to every single building that is in use. If one of the buildings is a garage then the cleaning is to include cleaning all tools and the car. The car needs vacuuming and washing inside and out. The garage should have every single area cleaned just like with the house and other buildings. The rules are for making sure everything is fully cleaned for your health and for everyone else's health.

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Top 10 Rules to Cleaning
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