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Top 9 Tips to Survive Summer in the City

Here are a few tips that can help you to survive summer in the city.

It’s the dead of summer and the mercury is about the burst out of the thermometer—the ideal time to take a vacation. But, that’s just a couple of weeks at the seaside. What about the rest of July and August? That’s when survival kicks in. So, if you want to know what will come in handy in the sweltering heat, here are a few tips that can help.

Stay indoors whenever possible

Stay inside and avoid the summer heat altogether. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your home, the office, or the local bar, if it has an AC turned on, it’s the place to be. This is especially true during the extreme midday heat, from 10 AM to 4 PM, when even the CDC recommends you stay inside.

Steer clear of rush hours

If you have to go outside, be smart about it and avoid rush hours. The morning rush hour (from 6 AM to 10 AM) is a pretty hard one to bypass, but you might do it if you get to work a little bit earlier. As for after work, stay in the city and wait out the evening rush. Cool off with a drink with friends under the air con at a bar and enjoy a much more pleasant evening commute back home.

Know your public transportation schedule

There is nothing worse than waiting for the subway to arrive in. It’s more akin to standing in a platform-sized wood kiln than what it is. So unless you like slow-baking to a crisp underground, know thine schedule. Download an app and stay on track with the public transport timetable.

What about long-distance?

Getting around the city can be a breeze when you compare it to the inter-city commute. Some people even have to travel from one country to another. So, how to stay smart and chill when you have to go from, let say, Montreal to New York, every other day in the scorching summer heat? You travel smart. Skip the car for a bus tour from Montreal to New York. It’s much simpler to let someone else drive your long-distance, while you grab a few z’s in an air conditioned seat.

Dress with less

How hot you feel is all about how much fabric is touching your skin. In summer, less is always best. So, whenever you can, wear the shortest dresses, shorts, skirts, shirts, tops, and tees. Show off your arms and legs and use other style tricks to avoid feeling like a sweaty disaster.

Drink plenty of water

It’s the first thing you hear whenever the news covers the latest heatwave: “... and remember to stay hydrated.” Well, they’re not wrong. You lose a lot of water due to perspiration, and in extreme heat, it can lead to dehydration. To prevent it from ever happening, always have a water bottle close at hand. It will not only cool you off when it gets too hot, but it will also help you to “remember to stay hydrated.”

Take cold showers

Before you leave home, try to take a brief shower under cold water. Even just two minutes can lower your body’s temperature and make you feel less warm, which can make the heat almost bearable. However, if you’re unable to take a shower, the next best thing is to run some cold water on your arms for a couple of minutes. As the blood circulates, it will chill your core temperature and leave you feeling just a little bit cooler.

Visit the beach

Whenever you have some time to spare, be it an opening in your afternoon or the whole weekend, spend it near the water. It doesn’t matter if it’s a river or the ocean, go there because it’s a couple of degrees cooler. Find a nice spot in the shade, grab a popsicle, and enjoy your favorite book by the shimmering light of the water.

Leave your city

If you’re out of vacation days, it doesn’t mean you have to stay tied to one place. Use your weekends wisely and plan trips to nearby towns, mountains, or nature parks. The weather is a few degrees lower there, and you’ll recharge for the week ahead. With some luck and these tips, you will survive yet another summer in the city.

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Top 9 Tips to Survive Summer in the City
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