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Top Brands on a Budget

Being a single mother doesn’t leave much room for yourself. I have found a way to look just as nice without breaking the bank.

Poshmark for $30.00

Growing up as a kid, my mom was a shopper. My mother paid the bills, but she loved to shop. Most of the products bought were name brand. Being a single mother with me and my sister, we received the best of everything growing up. In my eyes, she made it look so easy. We don’t recall missing a Christmas, birthday, or vacation. Dinner was cooked for us every night, even after working a long day in education. Taking care of home was her first priority as a mother. We had some struggles, but she made a way. Saving money wasn’t something I was taught growing up. Bargain shopping was not a part of my childhood.

I admire my mother's style, so I modeled my shopping habits after her, unaware of my behavior and the constant cost of the lifestyle. I didn’t know what a thrift store was until becoming homeless as an adult with a child. So, after getting on my feet, I still struggled with financial responsibility, even with being a mother. It was this world of finances, saving, and budgeting. Shopping was a bad habit that I just couldn’t give up. Being a responsible parent, change had to come in my life. I have come to the conclusion that saving and budgeting are required to have great financial stability. Fashion used to be one of my highest expenses in my budget. I work every day to come up with ways to look nice on a simple budget and still have my brand names.

As a mother, many things come first priority in our home; fashion isn’t at the top of the list in the budget. For instance: a new pair of jeans, shoes, or a purse. Being a single mom means sacrificing some of what we want in life. When it's time to do the budget, getting a new pair of shoes isn’t a close affordability for the budget. The household budget only has enough for what you need in the house. Researching the great web of Google and looking on Facebook, I came to find some great alternatives for bargain shopping.

My Sales on Poshmark

What if I told you a better way to gain money and use it to get those nice pairs of shoes or jeans? Great researching assisted me in discovering the resolution to the problem. I found Poshmark, which is an app for buying and selling used items. The prices on the app are very affordable for purchasing name brand items.

Poshmark allows you to sell an item and use the funds to purchase another product.The great part is that you can bundle shoes or outfits. You're not paying the market prices for your favorite items. People think that I go shopping because I have a many shoes in my closet. Selling unused items that I am no longer using in the house, I can save on my account, and purchase those nice pairs of shoes. 

Shopping with Poshmark is affordable for single family homes, or anyone on a budget. Also, you can always share your items on social media for all your family and friends to see and purchase. Additionally, there is a link to post on social media, and once they set up their account, you will get a credit after their first purchase on app. 

My Purchases

Finding great thrift stores in your area is another option; thrift stores like the Salvation Army, Goodwill, Plato’s Closet, and Pass It On Thrift. You can shop for the whole family and find some great things to fit a budget. Knowing what fits in your budget is the main focus. Shopping on a budget is a great way to keep extra money in the bank for more expensive needs. Finding what works for your budget will make life a little easier. 

I love Poshmark, the #1 app to buy and sell fashion, and know you will love it, too! Make money and shop over 5,000 brands at up to 70 percent off. It's fun and easy—I promise!

Install the free app now!

Sign up with code JOYCEANN4 to get $5 off your first order.

Shop for styles on an affordable budget...

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Top Brands on a Budget
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