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Top Ten Things to Create with Duct Tape

Very Sticky Art

Photo Credit: Heather Dickson

Duct tape. A simple household tool can also become a creative craft. I have been delving into this craft for a long time, so here are my top ten things to create with duct tape. 

1. Apron

Photo Credit:

Yes, I was so crazed with duct tape in high school that I made an apron. My home economics teacher told us we needed to do a project that dealt with a household, so I asked her if I could make an apron out of duct tape. She hesitantly told me yes, thinking I would change my mind as the due date came closer. I did create a duct tape apron that did very well keeping the grease off of me and made it very easy to clean. I even created pockets to hold utensils. I am happy to say I got a 100% on that project for my creative take on things.

2. Bookmark

Photo Credit: Heather Dickson

Need to hold a place in a book, but want a more creative option than a piece of paper? Make a bookmark. They are just as simple as the bow and can also be super cute. Funny enough, the bookmarks are what I have sold the most on 

3. Pens

Photo Credit: Heather Dickson

Now, you will not actually make a pen on this one, but you can decorate a flower pen. They are super cute and functional. I even made these to sell in my ex-boyfriend's family's vinyl shop. Businesses especially love them because they always need pens for documents, and it is a great conversation piece to help them stand out and be remembered.

4. Bows

Photo credit: Heather Dickson

Girls, this one more applies to you, but make some fun bows. Do not have a bow in a particular color? No problem! Bows only take a few minutes to make and can easily be used with a bobby pin to place in your hair. Guys, you can even make one on a safety pin to pin on a shirt. 

5. Wallets

Photo Credit: Heather Dickson

Everyone needs one. It holds all our important documents and cash. So why not make one that is both creative and functional? This was one of the first crafts I ever made; I also did not measure and made mine way too small. So be sure and actually measure a dollar bill before you make one.

6. Hat

Photo Credit: Heather Dickson

Need a new hat? Why not make a duct tape one? This one definitely takes a lot more work to create, but it can be tons of fun.

7. Tie

Photo Credit: Heather Dickson

Make a tie to match your new hat. This one is more simple to make but a bit harder to tie. You can tie it, though, you just need to wear it down a bit like a new pair of shoes. 

8. Book Cover

Photo Credit: Heather Dickson

Have and old book that's falling apart? Instead of just taping it together, make a creative case for it. In my instance, my Bible I had since I was younger was falling apart. So I created a removable book case for it. It worked great, and I even made a flap to store papers in. I had the most creative case in my youth group. 

9. Dresses

Photo Credit: 

This one takes a lot of work. If my school had a prom, I probably would have done this, but I did not. I think they look really cool and maybe one day I will delve into it. But for now, this one will remain a mystery to me. 

10. Duck

Photo Credit: Heather Dickson

I created a duck. I cannot say it was a good duck, but a duck none the less. My parents went to the grocery store (30 minutes away) and I was bored for hours. So I created my duck. He was probably the goofiest thing I have ever created, but a part of my story nonetheless. 

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Top Ten Things to Create with Duct Tape
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