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Trending Textiles for 2018

Transform any room with these must-have designs.

The easiest way to refresh your home decor is by using versatile, colourful and patterned textiles that you can wrap up in during winter or lay on the grass in summer. This article focuses on the best handmade, artistic collections made by industry professionals and indie creators.

The Basket Room: Rahisi Natural Square Storage Baskets

Woven by local Tanzanian weavers from milulu grass, this company sells fairtrade baskets from all over Africa, often by small co-operatives of only a few hundred farmers that use the funds to make up their wages during the dry seasons. The proceeds help these individuals pay for education and medicines - so the next time you're looking for a storage solution, think of the Basket Room.

Designers Guild: Acanthus and Indigo Bed Linen

This elegant, floral design from the Designers Guild is definitely something to be drawn to as we move into Spring, and being mainly black and white it gives the opportunity to pair it with most colour swatches and styles.

The Conran Shop: Hand-woven Basket

Fairtrade, hand-woven baskets are a great storage solution for your home whilst giving something back to the communities these products originate from. This particular basket would be good for storing things such as blankets or towels and the soft natural hues work well in the bathroom.

Amber Interior Design: Lusaka

Bold and bohemian, each pillow from Amber Interior Design features a completely unique vintage pattern, which means there will be some colour variations too.

Adriana Homewares: Howardian Pastel Range

Inspired by the Howardian hills in Yorkshire, this soft pastel range allows you to collect your favourite textile patterns in different products for a complete look - choose from lampshades, pillows and blankets - or all three.

Adriana Homewares: Howardian Vibrant Range

A more vibrant take on the Howardian range, Adriana Homewares gives us soft, handmade products made in their Leeds studio with matching products like with the pastel collection.

Zara: Grey Paisley Print Table Cloth

A beautiful addition to any trendy individuals home, this paisley table cloth from Zara is perfect for bringing some patterns and texture into your home without it being too bold, which is a great way of maintaining a monochrome look with a unique edge.

The Little House Shop: Outdoor Rug

If you're looking for a way to bring some contemporary design to your garden without spending your entire monthly budget, this affordable and versatile picnic rug / beach mat can be used to style up your space.

Wayfair: Faded Floral Duvet Set

Transform your bedroom with this brilliantly bold duvet set from Wayfair. Contemporary, smooth and comfortable, this design will be wonderful in the summer.

The Throw Company: Tundra Wolf Faux Fur Rug

From the animal friendly Throw Company, this British made glamorous rug promotes the use of faux fur to save the gorgeous creatures these products are replicating.

This company has had their pieces in popular TV shows such as the UK's Big Brother, and they have been featured in Vogue too. Because their faux furs are very realistic looking, they have often been used in high fashion.

Wayfair: Berwyn Shower Curtain

For a splash of colour, this beach inspired shower curtain can give your bathroom a simplistic but bold feel that can definitely update an often neglected accessory.

The Roostery: Bantam Rectangular Table Cloth in Victoria Floral

One of my favourite recent discoveries, the Roostery is a relatively new (founded 2015) company that allows artists to sell their designs on a variety of home decor items. Unlike sites like Redbubble and Zazzle, these products are of a luxury quality and price point, but they are definitely worth the investment.

This piece is called Victoria Floral by Crystal Walen.
Textiles are unique in interior design as they bring so much to a space, but they can also be removed very easily unlike furniture or having to completely redecorate like with paint and wallpaper. This means that you can change an entire room on a whim as trends and your tastes change, so whenever you're feeling an itch, consider adding some brand new throws or cushions.
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Trending Textiles for 2018
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