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Two Ways for Quick Extra Money

The Digital Age Makes It Easier Than Ever

Everyone can use a few extra dollars these days. Whether it's money for a Starbuck's latte or a few extra gallons of gas in the tank, dollars are always in high demand. Working a typical 9-5 job or even a part time position pays the bills, but there are many options for adding some extra money with minimal effort.

Using my mobile phone I have been able to add between $20 and $100 of extra income each month simply by completing mindless, effortless tasks. Most apps these days are available in Apple Store and Google Play and require just a few minutes to download and set up on your mobile device.

Here are two of my top recommendations:

Job Spotter

This app was too good to believe. Job Spotter is associated with the job search engine INDEED. To earn points (which translate to money), simply take two photos: the first is of any HELP WANTED sign; and, the second is of the store sign. It's that simple.

Points are awarded based upon how unique the finding is. Large companies with pre-printed signs earn the least points. Mom and Pop shops with handwritten HELP WANTED signs earn the most points.

Once you click on the app, it automatically takes you to the photo task link so you can upload the first photo—which must always be the help wanted sign. The second photo is always the store sign. After you have snapped both, click submit and that's all you do. Within minutes, Job Spotter will assign a point value and credit your account.

There are other ways to earn money on the app as well. While watching TV at night or waiting for an appointment, I click through the verification screens. This process helps the app recognize legitimate submissions from other users. Users are rewarded with Trustworthiness Levels and bonus points for their help.

Job Spotter has no minimum for payouts, however, the money is paid via gift card. I'm currently working on an Amazon gift card and saving points so that the gift card will completely pay for an item on my want list. There is no maximum to earnings, so depending on your involvement, you can set the limit. People who are out and about all day probably have an advantage, as they are more likely to spot help wanted signs. With the economy booming again, there are more businesses hiring these days.

Here's another tip that is often forgotten. Many restaurants and fast food places offer contests, surveys, and giveaways via a link on your sales receipt. Take a few minutes and do these. Most people do not participate, yet the prizes are still given away. I won a 55" flat screen television from a Wendy's promotion in December. I've won free meals from Taco Bell and a $50 gift card from Food Lion over the years. It only takes a minute to do the survey and it might lead to some free money.


Ibotta — If you haven't downloaded this app, stop reading right now and go do it. Ibotta works at all of the major retailers around the country—including all the popular big box stores and major chain grocery stores. This app requires you to buy nothing, except for the purchases you are already planning to make.

It really is very simple. Before heading out to shop, search for the store and scroll through the selected items. Click on each one you may purchase. If you make that purchase, Ibotta will pay you the specified reward into your account. For many stores, simply linking your reward card is all you need to do. With other stores, like Wal-Mart or Kroger, you need to scan the receipt and product label when you get home.

When planning to go shopping, simply click the app, select the items you are likely to purchase and the rest is automatic. For each featured item that is purchased, Ibotta pays you an amount of money ranging from twenty-five cents to several dollars. The earnings are credited to your account within 24 hours. You can use Ibotta in addition to any other store-specific apps as well.

Ibotta pays actual cash—minimum of $20 is required for a payout though. It will give you $5 for signing up. The transfer takes minutes after you request it. If gift cards are your preference, you can select from all the major gift card merchants and an electronic card is emailed to you instantly. It works perfect in the store too. No hassle, just quick, easy money to spend.

This is real money and doesn't require you to do anything more than the shopping you are already planning to do anyway. It doesn't get much better than that. If you refer friends that use your referral code, both of you will earn bonus money into your account, plus you participate in monthly challenges as a team for more rewards. Most months I earn $20-$25 from shopping rebates and team contest participation.

Help a struggling writer out with a win-win for both of us by using my referral code: nvjioom. Thank you!

Extra money is always welcomed. Now, stop reading and download those two apps.

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Two Ways for Quick Extra Money
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