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Ways to Save Money

Money Saves

Yes, we all have those times where we find something nice and want it, especially when it comes to holiday shopping such as Back Friday and Cyber Monday. I have some easy solutions to help you save money on your favorite activities and even products and services you purchase. First, when it comes to dates, I like to try to go out on Tuesdays, which are known as Taco Tuesdays, but there are more offers than just tacos. For example, when I went out on dates, most of them would be on Tuesdays which was a great advantage. At Studio Movie Grill in my town, they have reserved seating and serve food, but on Tuesdays tickets cost $5 each. Check out your local theaters for special deals during the week when it comes to doing movie dates and to save extra money… eat and drink during happy hour before heading to the movies.

Groupon is another money saving tool. Before, I would never use Groupon in the past and honestly I do not know why I did not. It helps save money to going to my favorite restaurants especially when it comes date nights as well. Groupon has many different options to choose from when it comes to saving money. Next I am going to use it for my next vacation and you can even get Groupon Bucks. I have used Groupon and have saved over $300 in total for dinners and special events. They even have concert tickets on there as well. One year, I went to Powerhouse and paid $60 for two tickets to see 12 different artists. I have also used Groupon to purchase gifts for my family members as gifts for over the holidays.

Eating at home and buying drinks from Costco or Stater Bros really helps with saving the big bucks when feeling like eating out or drinking. I have a Costco membership I share with my aunt, and I get alcohol and a bulk of groceries for really cheap. It comes in handy, especially since most of my friends like to sometimes waste their money going to an expensive bar for drinks as well. I have saved over $200 in alcohol costs alone since purchasing from Costco and when I go out to the bar I just pay a small fee to get in or just get a water, which is always free.

Using auto pay helps save you money as well. For some of my bills I use auto pay and I save $5 each time I do it as well. It helps because when I get paid, I do not have to worry if my bills are not getting paid on time or not. Another method of saving money is to go with cheaper phone plan where you can keep your current cell phone as well. It really helps in the long run and keeping your current phone helps reduce the possibility of paying more monthly expenses on your cell phone bill.

To help reduce your TV bill, I would go for creating a Hulu account with add-ons that can save you money than getting a bundle with the phone, internet and TV that can add more to your monthly expenses, especially after the first year. Another way to help save money is to walk instead of driving more. It has helped me to walk more and I have lost weight doing it as well. I do not have to worry about paying for gas that much either for your car. Since gas keeps climbing as well, you can be healthy at the same time.

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Ways to Save Money
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