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What Is Bullet Journaling and Why Is It Everywhere?

Bringing You Behind the Internet Phenomenon

Photo from Pinterest

If you frequent sites such as Instagram, Tumblr, or YouTube, you've probably seen posts or whole accounts dedicated to bullet journals, journals, or planners. So you've probably wondered, what is this and why is it so popular?

Here's some background: the purpose of bullet journals is to have a place where all your goals, tasks, and assignments can go and be able to mark them off in the name of productivity. PEOPLE WANT TO BE PRODUCTIVE. There's nothing more motivating than to see other people with their life together. People posting their bullet journal spreads on the internet not only gives themselves the satisfaction of knowing they're getting work done but also makes other people go "Hey, I want to do that." Bullet journals give people the freedom to plan out their day while also giving them a creative outlet.

If you've ever heard advice from someone who frequents bullet journaling, it's that you can do pretty much whatever you want. The beauty of bullet journaling is that there are no set rules and there is an infinite number of styles and layouts that a person can try out. You can be incredibly minimalist and have simple bullets, or be incredibly maximalist and have drawings, pictures, or calligraphy. Your options truly are endless.

One of the reasons why there are whole communities out there dedicated to bullet journals is the inspiration. You don't have to be the most artistic person in the world to start a bullet journal. In the beginning, it is very common for people to use the styles they see online before establishing their own.

You can make your journal anything you want it to be. Your bullet journal is about you, so cater it towards yourself. I've seen multiple bullet journals that not only consist of their tasks but also lecture notes, art, diary entries, habit logs, and even reviews of books, music, and groups.

However, if you are like me and like to have a set structure for most things, the typical layout of bullet journals kind of goes like this.

Bullet journals are usually sorted out by the month and have their own artistic spread to them. Incorporating seasons and different aesthetics to your spread is part of the fun! A layout of the month with a schedule of all your events and deadlines is a nice way to plan the rest of your journal. Daily use of your bullet journal usually comes from marking off your tasks and looking at the reminders you've set for yourself. A bullet journal is for planning, but it can also be a place to put down everything you want. In between your daily spreads, you can put down journal entries or every sort of list such as your "favorites" for the month. Bullet journaling can go anywhere, but this is the most popular layout I've seen.

Going back to the question of the popularity of bullet journaling, I feel the majority of it comes from people's fascination with the aesthetics. When bullet journaling has the ability to go in so many different directions, the aesthetics do too. There is something out there for everyone, and people have the freedom to share whatever fits their personal style.

Overall, the popularity of bullet journaling stems in people's desire for productivity, the number of ways to style the journals, as well as people's fascination with different aesthetics. For a number of people, bullet journaling is what helped them become organized with their tasks and goals. If you are considering starting one, don't be afraid of messing up or not having the "proper materials" to start, all you need is a notebook and a pen. : )

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What Is Bullet Journaling and Why Is It Everywhere?
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