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What to Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner

Seven Suggestions on What to Bring to Your Thanksgiving Gathering

Tired of bringing the same thing to your Thanksgiving gathering, or have no idea where to start?

It can be difficult to decide what to bring to Thanksgiving dinner as a guest. It doesn't always have to be a food item, however! There's many other things that you can bring to thanksgiving dinner that are sure to be a hit. Here's a few options in case you need some ideas!

1. ICE

The last thing you want when you have a group of people at a house is to run out of ice. And if you're having alcoholic beverages, this is a must have. A couple bags of ice to put in the freezer as a backup is nice to have. Bringing a cooler to put that ice in is even better! Maybe even stock the cooler with some beverages as well. (Bonus points for that!) The host will thank you later for this one!

2. A Gift for the Host

Thank the host in a special way. Bringing a gift for the host instead of a dinner item can be even more thoughtful. These could be flowers, a fall bouquet center-piece for the Thanksgiving dinner table, a card, etc. What you bring doesn't have to be a food item to show appreciation.

3. Board Games!

If you arrive early and everyone is waiting around for dinner, board games can make the time go by faster. They're especially fun when you're around your family, and can just make the day more fun. Even after dinner this is a good time to relax and play games. A deck of cards, or maybe a few, for a few different games. Some fun family games include Apples to Apples, Scattergories, What Do You Meme?, and many more. Head to your local Five Below store and pick up a couple $5 games for the day.

4. Apple Cider Mimosas

Mimosas are a great addition to any Thanksgiving dinner table. You could bring cheap plastic glasses as well. The apple cider can be given to the kids as well, so they feel included. Decorate the glasses with some sprinkles or sugar around the rim for the whole aesthetic. You could have the kids decorate the rims while they're patiently waiting for dinner to be served.

5. Dunkin' Donuts Box O' Joe

Thanksgiving can be a tiring day with cooking, yelling at the football game, catching up with family and friends, and eating so much. Rather than drinking up all the host's coffee and dirtying more dishes, bring a Box O' Joe and Dunkin' Donuts (will also come with cups and lids). It'll even allow travelers to take a cup to go on the road. It will give the host one less thing to make throughout the day.

6. Home Movies

It may not be often that you are gathered around your closest friends and family. Reminisce on old times by bringing old home movies, but make sure you're able to watch it on a device they have access to. This can be a nice time to relax and watch some videos after everyone is tired from eating so much. Maybe even put together a slide show or a compilation everyone can watch at once.

7. Dog Treats!

You don't want the dogs to feel left out while there's so much food being passed around. Giving them food from the table might be a "no" from the host and it may get them sick. Instead of possibly getting the dogs sick from too much human-food, bring dog treats that can be given to the dogs throughout the day.

I hope you have a better idea of what to bring this year!

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What to Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner
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