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Why Are DIY Weddings So Popular (and How to Get Started on Yours)?

With Insight From My Own Wedding Planning

I’m currently in the midst of planning my second wedding. My first one didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to (and maybe that’s why my marriage didn’t either, who knows), so I am taking extra care with this one. My fiance and I are planning it together, with help wherever we can get it from. I’ve spent time researching on the web and even with my nose in books (I found one pretty cool book full of ideas that I’ll talk about later in this post).

We’re pretty much DIYing everything. We aren’t making everything by hand, though, but we are saving money as best we can to plan an affordable wedding for two artist-types. Here’s how we’re doing it, and why you should too!

Why DIY?

Instead of hiring a wedding planner, hiring caterers and flower shops, instead of buying a super-expensive brand new dress, consider saving money and creating a more one-of-a-kind wedding by going the DIY, do-it-yourself, route. You’ll have to be more hands-on when it comes to going about planning a DIY wedding, but it also helps ensure your special day is exactly what you want it to be without someone else’s “fingerprints” all over it.

While it won’t necessarily save you time, a DIY wedding plan will save you money. The key is to shop around and know where to get the best deals. Enlist free help from friends and family when it comes to making things, like flower arrangements and table decor.

Money Saving Shopping

You’d be surprised at the ways you can save money planning your wedding, from Save-The-Dates to serving food (we're self-catering with a taco bar). While it might be nice to put your money into the local economy, not everyone can afford the luxury of buying from a local vendor. Here are some of the ways you can save money on wedding stuff, mostly through online purchases.

Vistaprint: I have been ordering business cards and other marketing materials from this company for years. I was very happy to find they have extremely affordable options for Save-The-Date cards, invitations and more. We spent less than $40 on our Save-The-Date cards and they are adorable.

Oriental Trading Company: You will find invites, party favors, and plenty of decor options through Oriental Trading. Their stuff is extremely affordable, but make sure you read the reviews on items. Some of their stuff is cheaply made, but not all of it. We intend to order some of our favors and decor through them, especially since they offer customized items.

Membership Stores: When it comes to feeding almost 100 people, we fully intend to invest in a Costco membership. Self-catering might be the most affordable option, especially when you buy in bulk.

Buying Used: From eBay to Goodwill, there are tons of options when it comes to getting your hands on decor or even an affordable wedding dress. I don’t intend to buy a new dress for my wedding and have been watching both online and in-store used options so that I can have a dress that you won’t see on twenty other brides this wedding season.

Use This Book

The Knot is a go-to website for all things weddings. They have a service for you to set up your free wedding website that lets you keep people filled in about your upcoming nuptials, and is full of planning tips. On occasion, they also produce a book here and there. Most recently they put out The Knot Yours Truly. This is a bright and colorful tome of ideas and inspiration to create the most beautiful wedding of your dreams.

The best thing about this book is that it splits things up into different categories depending on a wedding theme type. Whether you want something classic or eclectic, or you prefer something romantic, or you just want to keep things basic, there are tons of ideas for you inside this guide. From color choices to wedding dresses, and everything in between, this book is a must-have guide for anyone planning their own special day.

The book finishes off with some great DIY projects as well. My favorite is the ring holder, although we plan to have our rabbit be our ring bearer.

I received this book from Blogging for Books.

Grab a Copy Here

The Knot Yours Truly by Carley Roney |
Your wedding day is a unique opportunity to show the world just who you are as a couple. The Knot Yours Truly helps you envision your celebration—from the big decisions like venue to the small stuff...
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Why Are DIY Weddings So Popular (and How to Get Started on Yours)?
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